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Payment Links for a Complete Customer Journey

Providing an exceptional customer journey is one of the most important things when it comes to a successful business. Customers’ overall satisfaction would be the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ of your business’ development. And payment links can definitely tilt the scales towards ‘yes’.

Providing the customers simply with a platform where they can order your products or services is no longer enough. You need to be there for the customers throughout their whole journey in case they need your assistance.

You can accomplish this pretty easily by adding live chat to your website. But what is the thing that will complete the customer journey? Well, read on. 


Payment Links for a Complete Customer Journey

When you have live chat on your website, customers are very confident in buying from you. They know that whatever it is, you are there for them. If they need an answer to a simple question, they can ask and have the answer within minutes. In case they have a more complex case, you are still there – ready to assist. 

They can consult with you over the products they are trying to choose. You can also upsell by offering them additional products that could be useful in their case. And most importantly – you have the opportunity to provide them with an unforgettable customer experience. 

But the journey isn’t over with a consultation over chat. The journey ends where the order is successfully made and the customer is happy with their purchase. And you are thinking how you can help with this? The customer is the one to complete the order – nothing you can do about it. Well, think again. 

With the new live chat feature, you can now lead the process to the end. While you are chatting with the customer, you are able to actually select the items they wish to purchase and send them the payment link. Payment links will lead them straight to their payment provider, where they can submit the payment. 

Isn’t this amazing? The customers will no longer need to go through all the steps before paying on their own. They receive everything they can ever wish for from one place – live chat. 

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Where it all started with a simple question, it turned into one of the most exceptional customer journeys they have ever had. There’s nothing else you can call this, but completion. And everyone is on the winning side – your customers are happy with their purchases. They received their answers and got what they wanted with as little effort as possible. And you were able to make a successful sale and maybe win a loyal customer. 

So don’t waste more time – get started with this appealing feature right away!

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