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Purchasing External Leads Is an Expensive Form of Marketing

So you are purchasing external leads, but they don’t bring the results you expect. Read some reasons why purchasing external leads is not a good idea.

Are you buying leads externally that don’t bring in enough business? That’s not necessary!

It is possible to get more qualitative leads from your own website. We achieve up to 30% more leads for our customers than they did without live chat. In some cases even up to 40% more leads. The distinctive advantage of chat is that you can easily manage the quality of the leads.

In this article, we will show you how live chat gets more qualitative leads.

Invest in Quality and Quantity

One thing is certain when you notice that you need more leads, it will cost you money. What this money is spent on and to what extent it’s an efficient method, differs greatly. Companies are always looking for good leads. But what exactly are good leads? Good leads contain a lot of information. More information usually means more costs. When you generate leads yourself you have control over the quality of the lead yourself. But wait a minute, now we have gone from buying external leads to generating your own leads. How?

Generating Qualitative Leads With Live Chat

Live chat allows you to connect with your website visitors. Visitors always have questions and the easier it is for visitors to ask these questions, the sooner they will do so. The low threshold of live chat contributes to more customers contacting you and thus more opportunities to get in touch with potential customers.

The Questions Visitors Have Helps You With Identifying Their Specific Wishes

On the other hand, offering appropriate help leads to more willingness from visitors to leave their contact details. The process in which chat operators help visitors gives enough input for high-quality leads.

Generate Many Leads With Live Chat

Live chat not only delivers good quality leads but also a lot more leads than a regular contact form. The accessibility, proactivity, anonymity, and the ability to chat outside office hours result in an enormous amount of chats. No other means of contact creates as much customer contact as live chat.

By helping visitors with questions in an appropriate way, you can generate many leads. We achieve 20% to 30% more leads for our customers than our customers did without live chat. In some cases even up to 40% more leads.


In short, companies invest a lot of money in purchasing external leads, but they can also generate their own leads from your own website. Much more efficient! A live chat on your site makes it possible to generate more generate qualitative leads. Moreover, buying external leads is many times more expensive than generate leads via your own website. An additional advantage is that your website visitors get the help they need during the conversation.

Would you like to know more about live chat? Start a chat with one of our operators!

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