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Reasons to Use Live Chat on E-commerce Sites

In physical stores, there is a salesman available to help the customer in any way. Customers appreciate this, and enjoy the bennefits that come with this type of interaction. Therefore, in the case of online shopping, businesses are looking to replicate that experience, transfering personalised and humanized interactions onto a digital platform. This is where live chat shines! With the use of chat you have the best and fastest way of seeking help from a business or brand. So, how else can E-commerce sites benefit from this handy tool? Read on to find out.

Customers Want Quick Service

Customers do not have time to wait for the availability of the assistant for a response to their basic questions. They always want a quick response, so live chat is the best option for this situation. Additionally, a live chat operator can interact with several customers at one time. Enhancing productivity and effeciency in your customer care. In contrast, when you visit a physical store or over the phone, a salesman can handle only one customer at a time.

Live Chat: Better Service, More Sales

If a customer didn’t manage to find what they were looking for, that customer would utilize the chat option to seek immediate help. Below are some examples of frequently asked questions by users on e-commerce sites;

  • Any discount for new customers?
  • If I place an order by now, then how long it took to deliver?
  • The product was not my size, can i exchange it or get a refund?
  • How do I can place an order?

By responding to customer questions and queries on time, they will be more satisfied and confidently shop again with your brand. Additionally, they may also recommend your brand to friends and family. This will help grow and maintain your loyal customer base. Which will in turn lead to an increase in sales, with statistics showing return customers are more likely to spend more than new ones.

Valuable Understanding into Customer Behaviour

By using the live chat option you have an instant platform to interact with you customers and collect data. Customers can offer feedback using a scoring system. What is great is that they are not forced to open external links which will lead to a larger number of participants. Therefore, by using chat the common problems that a customer encounters can be analyzed and improved.

Humanized Experience by Chat

When consumers browse E-commerce sites they expect to have that level of personalisation they would find in a physical store. Live chat is the best option that meets all the requirements to satisfy customers on this level. With quick responses in a friendly manner, customers feel comfortable and have a good experience with positive feedback.


Start using Live chat today on your E-commerce site and see how benneficial it really is!

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