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Sending D*** Pics

Sending pics over the internet of particular areas of one’s body can be a little flagrant. Though, that’s not what this business case is about. This is about that awful moment you just hit something with your brand new Audi and you have a really nasty dent in the back of your car. You’re probably screaming internally at yourself now, imagining this just happened.

One problem in communication between you and the party that needs to get it fixed (either the insurance company or the repair shop) is to get a right assessment of the damages done. But can you imagine being on the phone and getting the question how big the dent is? You probably think it’s big, because it’s annoying you. But for a professional car repair shop that might be one of many they need to fix this week. For your insurance though, this can be the difference that puts you back into another risk category. Nobody wants this subjectivity, so how can we improve this?

That’s where sending pics of parts of the (car) body comes in via the LINK Mobility WhatsApp API, let’s call this a “dentpic”. The receiving party can directly determine the expected cost of the repair and the amount of work / time needed to do so. Normally sending these pictures tend to end badly, but this time it will save you a lot of hassle.

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