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The Essential Guide to Use Video Chat for Customer Service

Businesses today are placing a great deal of importance on the customer experience. The demands and needs of the modern-day customer are constantly changing which means these experiences need to be adapted and tailored to meet them. Video chat is an engaging and personalized support service that is becoming increasingly popular to do just that. 

Visual engagement tools such as video chat can add a great deal of value to customer service. This article will lay out the reasons as to why this is. And what to think about before you decide to add this to your communications arsenal. 


Giving a New Face to Customer Service With Video Chat

Today, efficiency and convenience are so important when it comes to most things we do in our daily lives. Customer support is no exception and video chat is a great means to achieve this. Particularly in customer support. It helps to provide those fast responses that can have a positive effect on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. When combined with an effective communications strategy, businesses can utilize video to make the whole customer service experience more interactive and personalized. 

So, how does video chat enhance the customer service experience?

Quick Resolutions

Through video chat, you can have rich interactions for more complex issues that would be hard to explain on traditional channels such as email or over the phone. This will ensure that any miscommunication with your customers is easily avoided. Huge companies like Ikea have seen the value in how this can aid in their customer service strategy as they plan to release their video chat services soon to combat issues such as language barriers, eliminating on-site visits, and producing quick resolutions. 

Cut Costs

Video solutions are a great way to cut costs. This is because video offers quick support and less queue time for customers. Additionally, as customers will most likely find solutions to their problems the first time, there will be no need for a follow-up. As a result, this will reduce support requests and eliminate the need to expand your support team. 

Connect With Your Customers

Services such as live chat have come close to recreating that in-store face-to-face service customers love so much. However, there are some things that can never equal that in-person interaction. This is where video chat can really help bridge that last gap between physical and digital. When you can see who you are talking to, read the emotions and body language, you can also start to connect on a deeper level. Ultimately adding to a more personalized customer service experience. 

Now we know a few reasons how video support can enhance the customer experience, let’s focus on a few things you need to think about before you get started!


When to Use Video Chat?

Now, this may seem obvious but it’s so important to know when to use video for support. Having clear objectives and knowing when to implement this channel is crucial to its success. For example, although complex issues can be handled a lot easier through video chat, frequently asked questions would not be a great way to utilize it and actually be counterproductive. 


Why Should You Use Video Chat?

Asking the right questions is key at this stage. Your business needs to discover why exactly a video solution would be a great tool. For one example, it could be used to enhance the customer experience and interactions they have with your support team. 

When you have clear goals as to why you need to implement video into your communication strategy you can also dig deeper into determining what specific features are needed to make this happen. 


Who Are You Targeting?

Every target audience comes with their own set of needs, wants, likes, and dislikes! Knowing these things will help determine what type of strategy to implement. You need to take into consideration things such as age. For example,  Millennials and Gen Z’s are comfortable navigating modern technology. Older generations prefer traditional means of communication. So if you have a target audience who fall within a certain age range you need to think about the services they really would use. 


What Solution Is the Right Solution?

Picking the right solution takes some careful consideration. As a business, you need to think about what features/requirements are important to you and your customers and what solution is able to provide them. 

Questions such as these will make the path more clear in which direction you should go to pick a solution that is best for you. 

Final Thoughts 

Video chat is still an “up-coming” customer service channel. This means that right now is a great time to get started and set yourself apart from competitors. Offering your customers a customer service experience that ticks all the boxes.

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