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The Perks of Offering in-Chat Payments

Let’s say a customer is browsing your website right now. They add one article to the basket, but keep browsing until they decide to ask a question using the chat service. One of the chat operators promptly replies and, realizing the customer is ready to place their order, asks if they would like to pay in the chat. Forget about any sort of hesitation, or closing the chat to then add another product to the basket and then proceed for payment. 

When it comes to customer service, we can now count on a large range of tools that help us improve service quality. Moreover, the fewer worries you bring to customers, the better. So why not provide them with the possibility to resolve everything within a single channel? 

With in-chat payments, chat operators can process payments from customers through different messaging channels securely. 

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In-Chat Payments: Is It Worth It?


From a customer’s perspective, in-chat payments denote an enhanced experience. It leads to a smoother customer journey which, more than being simple and supportive, is conversational likewise. Thereby, in-chat payments allow customers to ask questions and place orders within a single space. Who doesn’t love a fast and efficient service, right? It ends up playing a significant role in terms of customer loyalty.

Furthermore, in-chat payments offer the best conditions for agents to upsell. It is not a matter of putting pressure on customers to shop more than they expected. But depending on how the conversation is going, agents can enjoy the opportunity to propose items related to the product they are about to purchase. 

Payments made during a chat/messaging conversation are also known as conversational payments, and you can learn more about its benefits here


Social Media and in-Chat Payments 


So far, we spoke generally about chat services. Sometimes they are included on the website, or they can take place within Social Media like Snapchat and Instagram. Or Facebook, which was one of the first platform apps to include a feature to shop without quitting the app. The feature was developed within Messenger, where users simply had to link their card details to the app to be able to send money while chatting. 

However, the biggest reference for in-chat payment to our days is WeChat. Every single step of the customer journey is there. With their designed chatbot, users can check a restaurant’s menu, make their choice, place an order, and pay. Everything can be done through the conversation, without needing to open a new tab or access a different app for the payment. 

Renting a Car Through a Chat Service


Is still hard to picture the perks of offering in-chat payments? Let’s use one practical example to illustrate why it can be a huge advantage. Let’s say you booked a flight for France and, on the way to the airport, you decide to browse for rental services because you will need a car at your final destination.

With the help of a chatbot, customers can know what are the options they have, what are their availabilities, and prices for the desired date. Do you want to pay for the service and easily grab the keys after your plane lands? No need to worry — you will receive a link in the chat that allows you to pay and a confirmation email with your order number. 

Then all you have to do is travel safely and grab your car as soon as you land! 


Final Considerations


As noticed by our example, in-chat payment is a facilitator that provides more flexibility for customers. Moreover, it offers an opportunity for your agents to take one step further and do more than just answering questions. 

So what are you waiting for to include in-chat payments to your website? Send us a message

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