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The Ultimate Guide to Whatsapp Business API

WhatsApp is quickly claiming the title of the most popular communication app out there. With billions of users, this platform has become a great tool to connect with customers.

Today customers want to be able to interact with businesses just as they would with people in their everyday lives. They have come accustomed to the convenience and ease at which messaging platforms such as WhatsApp allow for.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise the messaging app has taken the world by storm accumulating over 2 billion users. So the first question arises if your customers are there how do you as a large-scale business meet them on this platform too? This article will aim to shed some light on how to do just that.

What Is Whatsapp API?

To begin with, it is important to grasp an understanding of how WhatsApp is broken down. There are three main parts that make up this messaging platform. First of all, we have WhatsApp messenger, which we are all familiar with. Here, the mass population uses this app every day to communicate one-on-one with family members and friends.

Secondly, we have a WhatsApp Business app, which is ideal for smaller businesses. WhatsApp introduced this solution to make interacting with customers simple. Features such as automation and quick responses are there to do just that. All the while feeling and acting just like WhatsApp messenger.

Last but not least, WhatsApp business solution API which medium to large businesses will get the most use out of. The WhatsApp Business API enables your business to go global, connecting you to customers on a larger scale in an efficient and effective way.

What Industries Can Make Use of WhatsApp API?

It is important to note that although most types of business industries will be successful in securing this approval from WhatsApp there are a few that will not. These include;

  • gaming and gambling
  • adult content and entertainment
  • pharmaceutical products
  • weapons
  • digital media or subscription sales/renewals
  • alcohol, tobacco, drugs
  • Selling of animals

Applying for WhatsApp Business API

We have laid out some easy steps for you to follow to get started with WhatsApp API!

Step 1: Sign up With a BSP

Signing up with a business solution provider such as Conversation24 is recommended to help your business get started with WhatsApp API. This is your business’s first step to connecting with customers in a reliable and secure way.

Step 2: Provide Basic Information

– Company Name
– URL of your website
– What Industry your business falls into
– Region Where You Plan to Provide the WhatsApp Service
– Location of the Headquarters
– Intended Use Cases
– How many messages daily you predict to send
– Finally, when do you intend to launch the service

Step 3: Activate Your Number

In this next step, you will need to select a number that customers will be able to reach you on. You will then provide it to your BSP who will need to gather further information from you. Such as your; customer FB Business manager ID, the name associated with the number, and your region of the app (US or EU).

Once your number has been activated, an incoming message will be visible on a virtual server instead of your mobile device. And you are ready to use the WhatsApp API.

Step 4: Set up Message Templates

Additionally, with WhatsApps further approval you can set up your very own messaging templates. Messages like these can be sent to your customers in the 24h window and after they have opted in and WhatsApp has approved them. However, you are not restricted to these rules if the customer reaches out first.

Another thing to note is that WhatsApp can be rather strict when it comes to the content of these template messages. Firstly, they must not be promotional or marketing-driven. Secondly, the content must only be made up of text, emojis, or variables such as numbers.

Finally, a great feature WhatsApp offers to companies that are well known is their ability to receive the green tick. This is great as customers are more likely to trust brands that are verified.

Still, if you have questions or simply want us to handle setting up WhatsApp for your business? Contact us and get started today!

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