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The Ways Companies Are Using WhatsApp Customer Service

We cannot overpass the importance of WhatsApp, particularly as we notice how the app improved our communication nowadays. It allows us to reach our family and friends within seconds and smooth exchanges with coworkers, just to mention a few examples. Furthermore, the same applies to small and big businesses. Companies that use WhatsApp for Customer service saw how the levels of customer satisfaction improved lately.

For a business willing to use WhatsApp for customer service, references can come in handy. Therefore, we can always get insights from companies that nailed it in the past.

This article gathers four good examples to inspire you.


5 Examples of Businesses That Are Using WhatsApp for Customer Service



WhatsApp has over two billion users worldwide, with 390 million in India alone. With no surprise, we found plenty of compelling examples of WhatsApp for customer service based there. BookMyShow, an app that allows customers to book movie tickets online, is one of those.


The company was one of the first businesses to participate in the WhatsApp Business piloting program. During the tests, customers received a QR code on WhatsApp that replaced their ticket for the movie screening. 

Sounds familiar? Nowadays, most movie theatres offer this feature within their own apps. However, at the time, it was pretty innovative. BookMyShow is still active and receives over 100 million requests to book tickets per month. 



Eager to reinvent the promotion of the brand’s mayonnaise in Brazil, the traditional American brand developed a campaign using Whatsapp for customer service. To begin with, Hellmann’s decided to help people in the kitchen. How? By simply and interactively connecting chefs and people through WhatsApp.

Several chefs taught people how to prepare recipes with the ingredients they had at home and, of course, using Hellmann’s mayonnaise. All that enabled by an exchange of messages, videos, and photos.

As a result, Hellmann’s created very positive associations with the brand in South America. Moreover, it increased the number of visits and conversion rates on the website.

You can see how the promotion worked below:



Contacting insurance companies might feel a bit bureaucratic. Furthermore, all of this potential bureaucracy does not motivate us to reach them as soon as possible when needed. After all, imagine having to wait in a queue on the phone on top of that?

BUPA, an Australian insurance company, put itself into its customer’s shoes, creating a customer support channel on WhatsApp. Customers can reach them directly through the WhatsApp number or get redirected during a call. 


Additionally, a real person handles the chats. If you are a new customer, you can ask anything about the insurance plans and conditions. On the other hand, existing customers can also ask questions directly related to the service they signed up for. 


YAS Island

Located in Abu Dhabi, YAS is a massive recreative facility. In their complex, they gather hotels, themed parks, and even race tracks. Therefore, their WhatsApp customer support channel transforms their visitor’s experiences into an easy and seamless experience.

If you plan a vacation there, you can start by chatting with them through this channel. YAS’s services begin with automated messages, and according to your request, they can redirect you to a real agent. You can check an example below:


Most companies chose to have either an automated service or live chat, but not always both. YAS understood the importance of having an omnichannel strategy by making both options work perfectly together. 



Picture this: Friday evening, you are at home without any plans, and the weather forecast announces showers. The conditions ask for Netflix and comfort food. However, as soon as you launch the streaming service, you realize that you have no clue what to watch.

Sounds familiar, right? We all had our moments browsing Netflix infinitely to end up not checking anything because we could not make up our minds. 

To fill this gap, Netflix India partnered with WhatsApp to send movies and TV series recommendations. With this partnership, customers were able to request suggestions on what to watch using the messaging app.


After going through those examples, you probably felt inspired to take the next step and use WhatsApp for Customer Service. In this article, we invite you to dive deeper into how WhatsApp for Business work.

Finally, if you have any questions and need help setting up your account, feel free to send us a message!


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