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Using Chat in the Recruiting Process: The Holy Grail?

If you are applying somewhere for a new job, there is nothing more frustrating than having to wait three working days for an e-mail or phone call. Besides that, you can not always answer the phone when you get called. On the other hand, candidates are also increasingly difficult to reach for companies sometimes: they do not open their e-mails and avoid telephone calls.

To solve these problems in the recruiting process, chat works nicely as a solution.


More Candidates With the Help of Live Chat on Your Website

Proactive chat is very suitable for sending candidates a first message on your website. This way, you can ask them a specific question, such as: ”Do you have any questions about this job posting?”. Moreover, it makes it easier for candidates to apply. You can also automate this process by using a chatbot that answers the most frequently asked questions, for example. 

Helping candidates whenever possible will certainly have an added value. It takes quite some effort for candidates to apply for a job, as they have to invest some time in it. If they have a way to first contact a company before applying, this will make them more confident in their choice. Live Chat is also a great way to ask for feedback from your candidates. For example, use it to ask questions to measure the effectiveness of your job page, your candidates’ experiences, or your candidates’ level of interest.

Nowadays, people need quick answers. Simply having a Live Chat option available on your job page, makes your company unique. It will give them more confidence and loyalty to your company, and it will ultimately set you apart from your competitors.


Use WhatsApp to Reach Out to Your Applicants

Even once a candidate has applied, chat is a good way to make first contact. Instead of them having to fill out endless application forms on your website, just ask the candidate to leave a phone number. You can then chat with them yourself, or use a chatbot to find out more about the candidate.

In addition, with WhatsApp, the opening rate is a lot higher than with email, for example. Do you send candidates an email? On average, 25% of the candidates open your email. Do you send them a message on WhatsApp? Then 9 out of 10 recipients open it. Everyone uses WhatsApp to communicate these days. In the beginning, they did this only for their private life, but it is now the most common thing in the world to also use WhatsApp to talk with your business connections. So this is no different with a recruiter.


Positive Experience

Candidates are looking for a positive experience with a company. Especially in these times, when organizations are fighting for top talent, you want your recruiting process to be perfect. Chat creates engagement and offers your candidates added value.

Also want to experience the benefits of chat in your recruiting process? We got you covered!

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