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Using Livestream to Improve Customer Interactions

Working in the customer service department can be a tough job sometimes. No one is ever happy about flying from phone call to phone call on a busy workday.

And customer service is not the most enjoyable time of the day for customers either. First they have to go through an automatic selection menu. Followed by waiting in a long telephone queue, only to finally get to talk to someone after half an hour.

Livestreaming can make a lot of those things easier. Read more about it in this article!


Direct Line

Livestreaming may not be something you initially thought of, but it’s a very effective way of customer communication. It gives customers a direct line to a friendly professional who is knowledgeable about the product or service.  It combines the demand for quick responses online, and the personal touch of a small family store.

The livestream can also be watched back later, or reused for other purposes. Such as short videos, or blog posts. There is also a chat function available most of the time, where customers can respond and ask questions.

Live video has grown a lot in recent years. Twitch is the most well known livestream platform, they focus only on livestreaming. But Youtube is also increasingly engaging in livestreams. And on Facebook even one in five video’s is now a livestream. People increasingly want to connect with brands in real time. Livestreaming provides new opportunities to reach consumers and improve their experiences with your brand.


The Different Purposes of Livestreaming

There are several different purposes to using livestreams. Think of a FAQ, live support, an explanation of a certain product or service, a webinar in which you discuss relevant topics for your business, launching new products, or a collaboration with an influencer.

Livestreams create more engagement with your brand and it gives customers a behind the scenes perspective. This makes the communication more human and personal. This way, customers feel more connected to your brand. Also, the real time communication you have with them gives more trust.


Even More Benefits

Besides the personal aspect, livestreaming is also a very inexpensive form of communication. You don’t need advanced software for it, as you can just use the platform of your choice. The setup of the livestream doesn’t have to cost much either.

Another advantage is that users consume this form of content in your time, not theirs. That’s what Dmytro Spilka, CEO of London-based creative content agency Solvid, thinks is one of the main advantages of livestreams. According to him, this means that you only have contact with people who are actually interested in your brand, and find your content useful. And those are the most important customers to focus on.

All in all, livestreaming is a more personal and interactive approach to customer service because customers can participate in the conversation. It also takes time away from your customer service, giving them more time for more extensive customer inquiries.

Livestreaming is not yet used by the masses. But it’s probably going to be very soon. So if you don’t want to be snowed under in the avalanche of livestreams in the near future, start using it now. Off course along with your other communication platforms, for a complete multichannel experience.

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