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WebChat as Conversion Booster

One of the biggest differences between online and offline commerce is the lack of representatives, either for sales or support, online. This makes no sense at all. Why is it that regardless of the product or service a company is providing, customers need to decide to act to get in contact with the company that is trying to sell a product or service? It shouldn’t be that way. Why not make communication easier through chat? WebChat is an excellent conversion booster.

Just go ahead and talk to your customers. And not only learn from their questions – but to get higher commercial results whilst doing so. Adding WebChat to a website is an immediate conversion booster for various industries. Customers can gain time and you can help them with a fast and effective service. In retail, it can help you pick the right size trousers, wherein more complex sales cycles chat can generate leads for a sales team to follow up on. 

Most importantly, it makes you a better brand. Humans are social creatures and conversations are the quite existential way of achieving a social relationship between brand and customer. Chatbots and conversational AI can help with this too, tackling those frequently asked questions and guiding your customer to the right department. WebChat is here to stay.


Live Chat; Move A Step Forward In The E-commerce World

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