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What is Mobile Marketing?

Where are you reading this article from? Your smartphone? The chances are high, particularly if we consider that people do spend more time than ever on their telephones. Moreover, telephones clearly made our everyday life way easier. We can even do our groceries online! 

Nowadays 85% of American consumers have smartphones, and according to researchers, they check their phones an average of 52 times a day. Thus, it would be hard to picture any marketing strategies these days that neglect the presence of smartphones. The marketing strategies crafted for mobile phones and tablet goes by the name of mobile marketing

In mobile marketing, advertising can be presented in the form of a text message, push notifications, and in-app messaging, just to name a few. 

Are you curious to learn more about mobile marketing? We will explore its meaning and application in detail in this article.


What Is Mobile Marketing?


Mobile Marketing is a strategy that seeks to interact, relate and influence a particular audience through the features of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

For this, a series of advertisements are designed to promote products and services, reinforce the company’s positioning and build a lasting relationship with the user. Those advertisements are shared in the form of emails, SMS messages, chatbot messages, blog posts, social networks, or apps. 

The term ‘mobile marketing’ was firstly employed in the early 2000s. The two pioneering brands to use this strategy were Nike and Pontiac, which in 2005 launched campaigns via SMS for users. Noticing that people seemed increasingly comfortable using mobile phones in their daily lives, they realised how much mobile marketing had potential as a digital strategy.


What Are The Main Characteristics Of Mobile Marketing?


Firstly, we’ll highlight that mobile marketing is just one of several strategies in the grand digital marketing universe. Its focus is particular, targeted, and has achieved outstanding results, but we’ll discuss it later.

In the topics below, we listed the main characteristics of this type of strategy and where you might spot them. 




SMS indeed used to be more prevalent in the past. However, mobile marketing began with text messaging, so it would be a shame to ignore the potential perks of using SMS in your strategy. 

In marketing, SMS works perfectly for straightforward content: to announce sales, a special offer, or the tracking number of a dispatched order.  

Nonetheless, sending short, objective messages through SMS works best when targeted for an existing customer base.


E-mail Marketing


E-mail is an excellent channel to capture and nurture leads. With a good contact base, you can create a better way to interact with customers. Those interactions allow you to understand precisely at which moment of the customer journey they are. Moreover, it helps in identifying the ideal moment to sell your product or service.

Nevertheless, optimisation for mobile user’s behaviour is a vital step for a successful email marketing strategy. In other words, the focus should not be exclusively on the content but also on the design and functionality for mobile. 

Moreover, try to test the email in different operating systems and devices to ensure that you don’t have any bugs. 


QR Code Marketing 


The QR Code is a technology that can also generate significant results in a mobile marketing strategy.

By inserting a QR Code in your company’s brochure, for example, you can direct users directly to your company’s website to get more information about what you’re promoting.

Another way to use the QR Code as a strategy is to include it in product packaging. This way, you can direct your customers to a video tutorial on using it correctly, facilitating your communication with them.




Many companies decided to create their own apps to strengthen their mobile marketing strategies. Generally, those apps gather updated company information, data, or interactive content like games and videos. For certain businesses, the app also allows customers to place orders.

Social Media


They need no introduction. Whether people like them or not, Social Media is now part of our society. It will always be around. 

It turns out they are potent channels within a mobile marketing strategy. With social media, any business can quickly connect and interact with customers without forcing them to quit the app and visit a different page to place an order or hire a service.

The best thing about Social Media is that the choice of channels is infinite. It is not vital to be in every single channel on Earth. You’d best invest in channels that are relevant for your target audience. 


Should You Invest In Mobile Marketing?


By doing quick research, you will be amazed by the number of successful cases of mobile marketing strategies. We’ll mention one before we go! 

Years before they launched their streaming service, the American pay-TV channel HBO prepared something special to promote the trailer for True Blood’s first season. After reading the synopsis of the series, visitors were invited to click on a link to watch the trailer. When they touched to watch it, blood-stained fingerprints appeared on the mobile phone screen. This strategy attracted no less than 5 million people!

Can you see how powerful mobile marketing can be for your business? Taking advantage of its benefits in the right way will make your business stand out in the market, helping you convert and retain more customers. 

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