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What’s the Right WhatsApp Fit for You?

WhatsApp Business App:


For small companies looking to deliver a seamless digital contact platform to consumers, the WhatsApp Business App is a perfect tool. Your messages would look as sleek as any major company with the opportunity to build a corporate profile. And that’s for free!


As WhatsApp itself states, with the small business owner in mind, the app was created. With the app, you can instantly hold 2-way conversations with your consumers and quickly reply to messages.


When you need an easy, free and inexpensive way to connect with a very limited client base, all of this is perfect. The WhatsApp Business App is a perfect first move for smaller companies. However, even more, would be needed for those who wish to maximize their value proposition through great consumer contact.


WhatsApp Business API:


The messaging platform promotes WhatsApp Business API for’ medium to large corporations. So it is indeed the right choice for firms targeting a mass market. It is a paid-for product due to the expansive features that come with the API. Before you begin to use the API, you will still have to submit and be approved by WhatsApp.


The WhatsApp Business API lets you build a Business Profile with your company’s info. WhatsApp, at their option, can also provide you with their prized “check-mark”, granting you “Official Business Account” status!


With the API, you can run a modern, relationship-building interactive communication strategy. To initiate interactions with your clients, you should automate alerts and transaction messages. A good feature of the API is that it opens a 24-hour window for you to have a 2-way chat with customers.


The API also includes functionality for integration, enabling you to continue using your preferred customer communications CRMs. For any corporation wishing to use chatbots or contact center platforms to meet their clients, this would be important. 


So, Which One Do You Select?


If you want to continue as a company owner engaging with a limited number of high-value consumers, the WhatsApp Business App is perfect. For independent retailers or boutique stores, who have the resources to speak to consumers personally, we usually suggest this solution.


The WhatsApp Business API has many benefits for those that target customers on a larger scale. If you’re looking for more customization and integration features, the API is also for you.


Final Thoughts:


Chat Apps will boost the reliability and competitiveness of your company making you a central player in this modern age. The on-boarding and deployment procedures for you can be streamlined by a successful API provider. This valued advisor would be a source of ideas for the clients to add exemplary connectivity and offer value-adding digital resources.

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