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WhatsApp: A Small Businesses Secret Weapon

WhatsApp has stepped outside the realm of simply being a platform for friends and family to converse or call. As one of the most popular messaging channels, businesses saw the potential to utilize this app for much more and has now become a great tool to boost customer engagement and get ahead in the world of commerce.

Introducing conversational commerce

Conversational commerce is all the rage and provides a great opportunity for small businesses to reach out to more customers. This concept refers to the use of messaging channels by businesses or brands to interact with customers throughout their entire shopping journey.

Through the use of conversations, businesses are able to work on forming those all important relationships. WhatsApp is one of the best platforms to do just that. Helping to reach customers on their preferred channel, it’s the easiest way to start conversations, answer queries or provide updates and promotions.

Creating a catalogue

Not only is WhatsApp a great way to meet your customers where they are and start conversations. This app comes with some great features that can make the shopping process so simple and enhance customer experience.

One of those features is that of creating an online catalogue. Your customers can flick through your products and even learn more about what you sell through extra information such as;

  • product name
  • product product description
  • URL link
  • image

This can be particularly useful for small businesses. This is because it may be the case that starting off these businesses are yet to develop a customer base and even a website presence. This platform is a perfect way to bypass that issue. By meeting your customers head on and in a cost effective and easy way.

Ordering via the App

Another great thing about WhatsApp is as new features and solutions are accessible, this platform can act as a one stop shop for businesses. Shoppers can immediately click on the items they are interested in and add them to a shopping cart with the ability to proceed to checkout.

For small businesses looking to stay in the game with larger and more well known competition, WhatsApp evens the playing field. If you can offer a seamless and efficient experience through quality support then whatsapp will lead you on the right path to success.

New business opportunities

Whatsapp is becoming the go to platform for commerce and offers the flexibility and structure that will facilitate growth. This is particularly valuable for small businesses looking to expand their business opportunities and enhance their customer support. So get started today and discover how Whatsapp can help you!

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