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WhatsApp Adds Calls to Its Desktop App

With people spending more time at home, WhatsApp has been oriented in developing its desktop app. They have planned to add many new features for it during this year. And they started with biometric authentication, which strengthens the security of the desktop app.

Moving on in the year, they recently announced that WhatsApp voice and video calls will be available for the desktop version as well. This way, people won’t need to get up for their phones every time their WhatsApp rings. They will be able to accept and handle the calls right on spot – on their desktop devices. 

How Does It Work?

Currently, only one-on-one calls will be supported, but they intend to expand it to group voice and video calls as well, in the future. The results from the testing seem to be pretty good. The portrait and landscape orientation work flawlessly. Moreover, the app is set to be always on top, during a call, so that people don’t lose the video call, in case they click on something else. 

So far, the feature is to be added to the desktop app, but not to the desktop web app. Users will be able to make voice and video calls if they have the desktop app downloaded on their computers. 

Even so, WhatsApp shared that they were able to process over 1.4 billion calls on New Year’s Eve. And just as the hundreds of billions of messages sent through the app, the calls are also end-to-end encrypted. 

With this new update, adding biometric authentication for WhatsApp web and desktop makes even more sense. With the wider variety of possibilities to share information on the desktop app, an additional layer of security is definitely needed. 

And So They Go On

They keep their word and they keep on adding more and more new features for their customers’ comfort and ease. They state that they have planned many more features for this year, not only for the desktop version but in general. We can not wait to see what they are going to be!

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