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WhatsApp Business and API

The business sector is already seeing the widespread use of WhatsApp. With more users joining every day, this communication app has become a great tool to connect with customers.


Features of WhatsApp Business:

WhatsApp Business was introduced in 2018 and is primarily developed for small businesses. Since WhatsApp Business has a separate logo, businesses can quickly distinguish which app is for their personal use and which one is for business purposes.

The “Quick Reply” feature also comes with WhatsApp Business. This enables individuals to submit predefined answers to frequently asked questions. In addition to “Quick Reply,” WhatsApp Business also has the potential to deliver welcome messages, mark conversations, and other characteristics.

The app became very attractive for businesses with its popularity outside the business field constantly growing. Therefore, today many enterprises are tempted to use WhatsApp Business because it helps them to directly deliver messages to the smartphones of their customers. Professionally and free of charge.


Features of WhatsApp Business API:

As mentioned, WhatsApp Business is a great tool for small companies. The WhatsApp Business API however, is primarily for bigger companies. The WhatsApp Business API allows the corporation to collaborate with clients across the globe. Enabling them to engage with their customers worldwide and on a larger scale.

WhatsApp Business API is a great tool for helping those businesses that receive a huge number of texts. Which the Business App can no longer accommodate. The WhatsApp Business App can only be accessed by one person on one device, which is severely restricting for more popular businesses.

The API can also accommodate an infinite range of users and computers. This is useful for businesses that deal with a large influx of customer care queries. Notice, that for  WhatsApp API, establishing an account needs approval first. Additionally, WhatsApp’s pre-approval of Template Messages is required too before being sent.


Why the Whatsapp Business API Allows Corporations to Succeed?

The incorporation of the WhatsApp Business API for your current customer service operations provides many advantages. When more corporations accept the process of digital transformation, the use of omnichannel communications becomes a strongly demanded necessity. There are a few reasons why the WhatsApp Business API plays a crucial role in helping your business succeed are we have listed some below:

  • It lets you improve brand loyalty by delivering a personal and immediate means of contact to consumers.
  • Via WhatsApp’s private and encrypted network, it solidifies confidence between brand and user.
  • Because of the vast amount of coverage of the WhatsApp network, it boosts consumer reach everywhere.



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