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WhatsApp changes business policy towards automated conversations

WhatsApp introduces a new policy as of November 1st. That will change business policy towards automated conversations. It aims to force businesses that use automation or chatbots to reply to user-initiated messages to supply a direct human escalation path within the chat thread.

These human escalation paths refer to examples such as human agent hand-offs, phone numbers, emails. But also web support forums or offer in-store visits. It is a significant development in WhatsApp’s policy changes.

This is because businesses will need to ensure that these paths are fully operational and available by November 14th. From that day on, WhatsApp will review bot experiences directly on the platform. Furthermore, those identified as unable to provide a human escalation path may see limitations to their ability to send messages on the WhatsApp Business API.


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By starting to use WhatsApp Business API within your current customer service operations, you will gather many advantages.

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