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WhatsApp News: Cloud API and Premium Subscription

There are some new exciting updates in WhatsApp-land again! Parent company Meta is constantly working on innovations and improvements for their platforms. And they are certainly busy with WhatsApp. As the popular messaging platform is increasingly used for commerce, it’s important to anticipate on this.

Read all about the latest WhatsApp Business updates in this article below.


WhatsApp Cloud API

During Meta’s ‘Conversations‘ live event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the now globally available WhatsApp Cloud API. This cloud-based API service allows businesses of all sizes to use the messaging platform more easily to communicate with customers.

This new feature makes a custom dashboard available on top of WhatsApp. Companies can customize this dashboard to tailor it to their customers. It also provides insight into all accounts, limits and recent product news. In addition, they can significantly reduce the time in which they answer their customers with the Cloud API.

The service is free for businesses for the first 1000 incoming and outgoing messages per month. After that, they can scale up through different pricing plans.


Premium Subscription for Businesses

In addition, according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is coming up with a premium subscription exclusively for businesses. This will allow business users to create their own urls and connect up to ten devices.

The subscription is still in development, so a release date or prices are not available yet. What we do know is that Premium subscribers will be able to connect ten devices to the same account at the same time. That’s currently only with 5.

In addition, you have the option to create your own unique urls for your business, for example This links customers to your WhatsApp Business account, which they can then use to contact your company. Now, the urls are randomly generated and cannot be changed. This new unique url can be changed once every 90 days.


WhatsApp is the perfect channel for contact with (potential) customers. Would you also like to use this essential platform for your business? You can at Conversation24! Contact us now.

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