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WhatsApp Stickers for Heating Installations Support

The time you need to service your heating installation happens mostly because your warm water in your shower isn’t working. At least, that’s the moment a lot of people find themselves, with kids, in the situation of wanting a solution – fast! Though, who has time to call the installation company early in the morning? And what is their name again? What if you don’t need to call, but simply use WhatsApp stickers?

These companies mostly put a sticker on top of their installations with their phone number. But what if it has a QR-code on it that immediately starts a WhatsApp-conversation with the unique identification number of that specific customer? The WhatsApp stickers are an immediate time-saver for both parties and far better service levels can be achieved. Also, if there’s no service contract, one can be sold directly within the WhatsApp channel with conversational payments. 

In addition, chatbots can also recognize and filter out common error-messages and provide self-help videos for these to decrease the service load on the organization. If chatbots are unable to do so, human escalation can be set-up within 30 seconds in the LINK Messaging Platform.

Make sure all your customers are warm and cozy with the WhatsApp stickers for heating installations support.

Start with WhatsApp stickers right away!

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