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Whatsapp’s Storage Management Tool

Whatsapp has redesigned its storage management tool. Now users can delete multiple shared videos, GIFs, and videos at once. This new storage tool allows users to free up space quickly by making it easier to find too big files. The feature should be available worldwide in the coming week. Want to try it yourself once it is available? Then head to Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage.

Currently, the storage management tool can only sort all chats by how much space they are taking up and list the number of photos, GIFs, videos, voice messages, documents, and stickers that have been sent. Each category is then able to be deleted from the phone in a few simple steps. Although useful, this is problematic as users could not see all the content they were discarding.

The new tool will tackle this so you can decide what information you want to keep or remove. This will be made even easier by offering users thumbnails categorizing shared messages under titles such as “forwarded many times” or “Larger than 5MB,” which can be immediately removed.

You can check how the feature works in the video below:



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