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Why Chat Is Way More Than Only an FAQ

Sometimes it seems that chat and an FAQ-page are almost the same thing. The questions that many people often ask in the chat are already on the FAQ-page. But it’s actually really important to have a chat function in addition to your FAQ. That way, customers can ask the questions they couldn’t find in the FAQ, in the chat.

A chat function is so much more than just a form of your FAQ-page. Want to know what the added value of chat is? Read this article!

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What Is an FAQ?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This page became very popular in a short amount of time. Mainly because it solves small problems quickly, and it contributes to the self-reliance of customers.

An FAQ is a page with additional information on your website. They often refer to other pages on the website with the specific information. It’s a good starting point for answering simple but essential questions. For example, general questions about shipping, the return policy or refunds.

An FAQ often serves as a support tool for customer service. The fact that some questions have already been answered online, reduces the burden on customer service. The downside is that there is no interaction possible with an FAQ-page.


What Is Chat?

Chat, on the other hand, is more like an online sales representative who greets you when you enter the website. Or a place where you can ask something yourself. You can’t control or lead the conversation beforehand either, because you have to respond to what the customer says.

A chat function works well for both general and specific questions. In addition, it stimulates customer interaction and can help build good relationships with your customers. Another possibility of chat is that it can stimulate sales. So the possibilities are endless!


3 Differences Between Chat and FAQ

Although both of these forms of customer service may seem similar at first glance, there are definitely differences. We have listed a few of them for you below:


1. Different Form of Content

An FAQ-page and chat are two different types of content. That’s why you can’t just convert the FAQ-page into your chat. Of course, the most frequently asked questions are often answered through chat, but there’s a lot more to it. It takes more than that to create a chatbot that really helps your customers and understands them.

The purpose of chat is to have a conversation with customers, not to give one answer and then close the conversation. People also don’t communicate in question-answer format and they usually ask a few follow-up questions during the conversation.


2. The Type of Questions

The frequently asked questions can often be found on the website, but what about the less frequently asked questions? You’ll have to find out for yourself how to get those answered, probably through another customer service channel.

Through chat, you can get answers to those specific questions. That’s because you’re either dealing with a human chat operator, or the chatbot can quickly redirect you with one. In addition to the general questions listed in an FAQ-page, people often have more personal questions. For example, about their order, return or appointment. That’s why it’s important that you can offer your customers this information through chat.


3. The Type of Communication

With an FAQ-page, it doesn’t really matter how much information it contains and in what format. It’s just a static page with all the important information that is needed for your customers.

In addition, FAQs are set up in written language, whereas chat is more of a conversation in spoken language. Chat is therefore a really different type of content form. You have a real conversation with a customer through chat. So you have to remember that you can’t put too much information in one message.


A Few Things to Remember

All in all, we can conclude that both of these content forms contribute to better customer service. A chat function however, is the most important one. That’s because it does a lot more than just answering FAQs.

That being said, it’s a good idea to import as much information as possible from your FAQ into your chat so that those easy questions can be answered quickly. Because after all, the more information you put into your chat function, the better.

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