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Why Is Conversational Customer Support a Key Strategic Investment

Not too long ago customer support was seen as a cost center. Many businesses did not prioritize this sector and deemed it merely a waste of valuable resources and time. Today this story has changed. Customers are now viewing customer service as a good indicator as to whether to do business with and stay loyal to a brand or retailer. With this evolution, and the need for personal and seamless experiences businesses have had to rethink their strategies when it comes to customer support. 

Although customer support services do require a decent investment the mentality now is that it is a strategic one at that. Particularly in the case of conversational support where opportunities for lead generation and customer retention can be realized and maximized. 

This article will focus on some key ways that conversational customer support can actually have a positive impact on revenue

What Exactly Is Conversational Customer Support?

Conversational support is a way of aiding customers whilst building long-lasting relationships. It is more than simply helping to answer questions or resolve issues. Through the use of conversation, customers are receiving a more personalized and meaningful experience. And of course, getting the help they need at the same time. 

Now we know a little more about what it is, let’s look at how it can act as a key strategic investment!

Conversion Rates

The art of conversation is a beautiful thing. Words can evoke love, hate, build relationships and break them. In this respect, they are a very powerful tool indeed. This thought can be applied to the interactions you share with your customers. Opening up a channel where customers can have access to instant advice or solutions can be the reason they click checkout. With the right team, every conversation can be used as a great way to turn leads into sales!

Preservation Rates

If your customers feel like they are not important to you, they will simply leave. This makes room for competitors to rise up and meet demands. This highlights the need for businesses to focus on support that leads to building and maintaining relationships. Conversational support can do just that. 82% of companies agree that customer retention is cheaper than acquisition. With this in mind, those relationships begin to look a lot more like an opportunity for growth than a waste of time.


Optimize Resources 

Indeed, running a fully operational call center is very costly. With one agent per customer at a single time, it’s not hard to see why that is. Not only can this lead to a backlog of angry customers waiting in line. But can seriously jeopardize those customer experiences that are so precious. Conversational customer support is the absolute best option to tackle this problem. One single agent can handle up to six customers at any given time AND in various languages.


24/7 Availability and Support

With the introduction of chatbots, we have seen some huge benefits arise in the customer support sector. Today, you no longer need to sit behind a computer all hours of the day to ensure your customers are getting the help they need. Chatbots and automated responses have allowed you to be able to come into a conversation at the best time for you. Without the risk of losing a potential lead. Chatbots can even be utilized to measure customer experiences so you can constantly improve your service with the valuable feedback they share with you.

With technological advancements and rising demands, customer support has evolved from cost center to money maker. Not only is it crucial in supplying your customers with those all-important experiences but is indeed a key strategic investment. Get started on your conversation customer support journey today with Conversation24!

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