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Why Live Chat Software Works for Big and Small Businesses

After a day at the office, you head to the metro. The next train leaves in ten minutes, so you take this time to check your last notifications. There is a newsletter from your favourite brand about the new collection, which instantly works as a reminder that you need to send back a pair of shorts that didn’t fit. 

You don’t remember seeing a return label with your parcel, so you go on their website. Just as you land on the home page, a live chat window pops up. In a few minutes, not only have you got all the information about the return process, but they even sent you a new return label. 

Live chat software is a must-have tool for most businesses nowadays. Customers love it, and it can be a great feature to stand out from the competition. But is it worth it for small businesses as well?

Today we will discuss the benefits of live chat software and why it can work perfectly for small and big businesses.


The Benefits of Using a Live Chat Software 


It is cost-efficient


One of the first steps in implementing new technology or software is leveraging the costs involved. For a stable business, using live chat software is an investment to boost their current customer service. 

When choosing a live chat software, the prices change according to the functionalities and the number of users. Therefore, we can agree that small business will not need many agents to work on the chat. 

With a small team – or why not a simple duo? – you can pick an economical option and surprise your consumers. 


Enhance Customer Experience 


Live Chat is helpful during any step of the purchase journey. Before buying a product or service, after receiving it, or even while you wait for the delivery. 

Consumers have a busy lifestyle, so efficiency is a priority to them. They expect fast service when they reach your customer service department, and live chat is perfect for that.

Now think about a small business. New visitors don’t expect outstanding customer service from a company that showed up on the market recently. So it is an excellent shot to surprise them by offering a live chat option.


Live Chat Software, a Way to Develop Customer Loyalty


You can count on live chat software as one of your best friends to build customer loyalty. Think about that. It does not matter the nature of the customer’s request, nor from where they are contacting you. After a quick conversation with one of your agents, they leave the website with the issue solved – and maybe even with a new order placed!

No more sitting in agony waiting for an email reply. A quick chat, and it is done. Besides the fastness, the chat takes away many hurdles commonly encountered on conventional sales and service channels. 

Kayako’s report revealed that 52% of consumers are more likely to stay loyal to a company that offers live chat support. By earning consumer’s trust, you can bet they will shop at your website again and even refer it to friends and family.


Boost Your Conversion Rates


Live chat is ideal for lead generation. It’s the right tool to appeal to distracted visitors and turn them into shoppers. Even though visitors may not intend to buy anything, they might feel tempted after seeing the live chat option and asking the chat operator a few questions.

Depending on your live chat software features, you can spot which pages the customer checked last and grab that chance to upsell. Proposing a pair of socks for a customer buying a pair of trainers will not hurt anyone, right?


A Precious Source of Data 


Repeat with me: not a single piece of data should be wasted! Besides general data like the number of visits and the time spent by customers on specific pages, the content generated during the conversations is precious. 

During the chat, agents can already spot customers’ pain points and areas that might need improvement. Needless to say, having those insights is beneficial for both small and big businesses.

Those feedbacks are a good push for improvement for a stable business. And can certainly help small businesses on their way to rise and shine!


Live Chat Software: Final Considerations


We could spend the day listing the numerous benefits of live chat. Therefore, if you are still curious and feel like learning more, check out this article. Otherwise, if you feel like including a live chat service in your business right now, reach out.

With Conversation24, you can find the option that suits best for your needs. Whether you have a small or big business, you can count on us!

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