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4 Ways to Reduce Stress for Your Customer Service Team

Working in the customer service department can be really stressful sometimes and to reduce stress for them is crucial. There can always be angry customers that are rude and being disrespectful. Or sometimes it is just the workflow. It can get really busy at times and just that can cause a lot of stress for your employees.

There are a few ways, however, to reduce the level of stress and pressure on your customer service representatives. Making sure they are stress-free or at least stressed less, will assure your customers will receive the best service possible. 


Reasons for Stress in the Customer Service Department

One of the main reasons for stress building up in the customer service department is the workload. If there are too many calls, too many emails that your employees cannot handle, stress raises. When there is call after call, email after email and they have no time to take a breath, the pressure can become too big to handle. 

Stressed representatives can lead to customers’ cases being handled badly, less attention to details, and less empathy. Sometimes it can even get to a very bad attitude toward the customer. And this is not what we want here. 

In addition to that, stress can grow, when there are many angry or dissatisfied customers. When they call to complain, the conversation can get really hard on the representative sometimes. And if they are not well trained in how to deal with such situations, things can go bad as well. 

The customer service department is really important. They are the ones that are in direct contact with your customers. And the relationship with your customers depends on them. Making sure they have what they need for a calm working shift is crucial. So what can you do to improve that? 


Here Are Some Solutions

Live Chat

The first thing you need to think about is adding a live chat to your other customer service channels. Live chat will not only reduce the number of calls and emails your employees receive but with it, the stress levels will automatically drop. Having the phone ringing less often can make a big difference. 

And it’s not that your customers will stop trying to get in contact with you. There will just be another way to do that – a way that is more convenient for them and for your employees.  Not to mention that with chat, one employee can help up to 6 customers simultaneously. While one can only speak with one customer on the phone at a time. 

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Adding a chatbot to your live chat is an amazing strategy. This way, when it is too busy, the chatbot can handle your customers for the general questions. And in case they need further assistance, it can transfer the chat to a human representative. 

So the customers will not wait in line for their turn to come. They will receive the answers to their questions fast. And in case, they need further assistance, it can happen right on spot, without the need for them to do anything additional. The chatbot will also be available outside office hours. It makes it very cost-efficient – no monthly salary for it. And most importantly – reduced stress for your human employees.

WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business is another great thing! That’s where everyone is – and your customers as well. So you can connect live chat with WhatsApp’s platform and extend your services there. It is user-friendly and very convenient.

By having the channel that people prefer to use, it is possible they come happier to you even with an issue. Convenience is a very big part of providing a great customer experience. So go ahead, and make sure you are where your customers are. 

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Conversational Payments

With the possibility to pay in the chat with conversational payments, the stress levels will drop even more. It will be so much easier for the customer to come to you. They will know everything goes so smoothly with you, that they can even pay for the products while talking to you. 

It is fast and trouble-free. The agents simply send the payment link to your customer and there they are – happy with their purchase. It is easier for your agents too, as the process they need to go through is shorter. They don’t need to explain too many things to guide them.


First Steps to Reduce Stress for Your Team

Having these four amazing things added to your customer service department will definitely reduce the stress of your representative. They will be able to work more efficiently, easily, and productively. Still, you will need to give them proper training on how to deal with angry customers. After all, there will always be customers that are simply rude and raise stress levels. But with these solutions, especially combined, even dealing with hard customers will be easier. 

With us, you can start with not only one or two of these. You can have them all right here right now

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