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5 Reasons Why You Need Live Chat

After more than a year of working from home, most of us now use the internet for a significant part of our daily lives. We use it to pay the bills, to buy gifts, and even for groceries. We keep ourselves busy without leaving the house! In this fast-paced world we live in, we do not have time to waste when it comes to contacting customer service.

People seek something simple, quick, that can be done simultaneously while they handle other daily tasks.

The times when we had to dial multiple numbers and wait in the queue are over. Needless to say, consumers are getting tired of writing emails and the uncertainty of when they will get an answer.

With that in mind, why not use live chat? By getting quick answers to their questions, consumers will finally have that level of efficiency they seek. We’ll discuss five reasons why you need live chat below. 


5 Reasons Why You Need Live Chat


Agents Are Feeling Overwhelmed With Work


It is impossible to handle two calls simultaneously. Replying to more than one email at the same time might be possible if you have multiple tabs open, but quite tricky. Furthermore, with consumers’ growing need for instant gratification, you might not expect them to consider checking your FAQ. 

Live chat can ease the situation. One agent can handle multiple chats at the same time. Moreover, it gives you the occasion to distribute tasks a bit. So while one part of your support team will do the chat, others can be in charge of the emails. 

With simple requests answered through live chat, agents save time to handle more complicated issues within other channels. Effectively managing your customer service workflow.


You Want to Reduce Costs 


When it comes to having a phone line, affording enough agents to handle a huge volume of calls might be impossible at a certain point. Emails also come with their limitations. For example, there is a capacity limit for files enclosed with the message sent to your business. Moreover, particularly during busy seasons like Christmas, it gets easier to miss emails.

One more time, live chat can soothe the workflow. Agents can quickly resolve issues by using quick replies, saving even more time. 

Most live chat services charge per agent, so the prices vary depending on how big your customer support team is. However, independently from that, there is no stress around installing it. It takes less than 10 minutes!


Why Not Increase Sales As Well?


Yes, you got it right. If customers get fast replies and are satisfied with the service, they will feel more comfortable about the idea of purchasing something. Forester’s report showed that live chat leads to a 48% growth in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate. 

Live chat is a powerful cost-friendly tool not only because it helps you with reducing costs. It helps with selling as well. If a consumer has questions about sizes and there is currently a special offer, it might be the perfect time to mention it. 

If the conversation is going well, agents can also suggest more products and services according to customers’ needs. For example, are they about looking for a new T-shirt? Then why don’t you suggest a nice jacket to pair with it? 


You Need Live Chat to Stand Out from the Crowd 


Who doesn’t want to stand out in the crowd, right? It is good to be in advantage compared to the competition. Think about a customer browsing two different websites during their research for a new pair of shoes. If they have a question, they would be delighted to get a reply right away.

If you have a live chat service and your competitor doesn’t, customers are more likely to stay at your website. Particularly if they are amazed by the quality of the support offered by your agents!


You Seek Long-Term Customer Relationships


Speaking about the customer service’s quality, it is clear that a satisfied customer will not mind shopping again at the same website. Live chat helps build customer loyalty, as you can adapt the conversation according to customer’s demands. Moreover, your agents can always end the chat by telling customers to reach out via the chat again if they have any more questions. 

By building this connection through chat, customers slowly become loyal to your brand. To a point where you won’t even need to ask them to leave a review for the products, they bought on your website. They will do it spontaneously!


Why You Need Live Chat: Final Considerations


Still not convinced that you need live chat? You can still learn more about its benefits with this article. And if you are ready to offer a live chat service on your website, get started today!


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