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Quick Replies – Make the Most of It

Quick replies are a very useful tool that enables your staff to give consistent responses to customers. It is one of the many amazing chat features Conversation24 offers. They make agents’ work much more efficient and easier. 

Quick replies are the pre-written answers to the most frequently asked questions. Simply using a short keyboard command in the typing field and the questions are answered. This gives an even greater ability for the agent to provide fast customer service.

Even though the replies are pre-written, this does not mean they should sound pre-written to the customers. It is very important to keep the personal touch of the conversation even when using quick replies. So what are their benefits and how to create the best ones for a smooth conversation with your customers? Well, read on. 

Benefits of Quick Replies

Except for making chat operators’ lives much easier, there are many other benefits of the quick responses: 

  • Improve speed

Quick replies are already written and ready to be used in the system. This way, the agents don’t need to write the same answer over and over again. They can simply use a short keyboard command along with the keyword set for the reply. This speeds up things for both sides big time! Customers won’t need to wait for the agent to write the whole reply. And agents will have more time to give their attention to the next customer while waiting for the previous customer’s reply. Quick tip though – don’t send quick replies too fast as you risk being considered a robot. 

  • Save time 

This one goes along with the previous one. The agent is able to serve a customer faster, with quick replies. This means they will have more time to help more customers at the same time. Or work on their additional tasks, in the meantime. The best part is – it saves time for your customers too. They receive their answers in no time. And we all know how important speed is nowadays, especially for customer service.  

  • No Mistakes

Quick replies are written in advance. This means the person that wrote them took time to think about them and write them carefully. They have double- or triple-checked them and made sure there are no mistakes. To be able to provide a service with as few mistakes as possible is a must. When the quick reply is created, it is without any typos and is grammatically correct. That way the operator works much faster, providing a high-quality service.

  • Ability To Adjust Them

Even if you have quick replies to all the possible questions, you still need to make sure to provide a unique and personalized experience. Every customer is different and so is every conversation. In such cases, agents can adjust the quick reply they selected, before sending it. They will still give the correct information, but it will be put according to the situation and to the way, the customer asked the question. 

With these benefits, quick replies help your agents provide a better customer experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction. 


The Best Way to Create Awesome Quick Replies

Creating quick replies is something that should be done with great responsibility. These are the replies your customers are going to receive from your agents. And they need to be correct, tight, and professional. 

Giving all the information needed in a short and easy-to-read way is no easy job. But there are some things you can do to make sure you do the job right. 

  1. Look around your website through your customers’ eyes. Think about all the possible questions they may have. Questions about your product/service, the way your website works, what the procedures are, etc.  
  2. Write down all the questions that crossed your mind, while being your own customer. From the easiest ones to the most complicated. There can always be questions you haven’t thought of, but it is best to have almost everything. 
  3. And then start writing the answers. Here are some tips on how to transfer each message clean and correctly: 
    • Use simple words that are comprehensible for everyone. This will ensure your message is easy to understand and clear. 
    • Use short sentences. Just like the words need to be simple, use more simple sentences as well. People don’t like reading long texts, nowadays. So if you want them to read what you have to say, make sure it’s short. 
    • Provide information in advance. Even if you have already answered the main question, make sure to add a little bit more information. Think of the questions that might arise with your answer and give small information in advance. Don’t overdo it, though, we are still trying to make the replies as short as possible. 
    • Once they are done, check them all for grammar and spelling. This way, your agents will be able to send the replies faster, unless they are to adjust them.
    • Choose easy-to-remember keywords for each reply. They need to be short, easy, and related to the information.
    • Last, but not least – update your replies, as soon as any of the information changes. You must avoid giving your customers the wrong information.  

Make the Most Today

Overall – you need to make sure you use the quick replies feature the best way possible. So that your customers are well-informed and have received fast and easy service. 

Quick replies are a very important part of each chat operator’s daily work. With them, they have the chance of providing even faster service, but still personalized and professional. 

Start taking advantage of the quick replies’ benefits today!

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