WhatsApp Lead Automation

“Never miss a lead again”

Contact your potential customers instantly through automated WhatsApp messaging. This way you can be sure you won’t miss out on any leads!


Follow up leads within 1 minute with a 99% open rate

Do you ever feel like you’re not making as much sales as you could make? There is a chance this actually might be true. However, this may primarily be down to the lack of time and resources available to follow up on every lead.

We have a unique solution to this problem!

Follow up leads within 1 minute


The customer fills in their contact details on the form.


Enter this data into your CRM (customer relation system) system.


A first WhatsApp message is automatically sent to the customer.

Exceed expectations with Lead Automation!


Forget email, use WhatsApp

Even with paid leads, only up to 32% are followed up. With Lead Automation, all of them will be directly contacted through WhatsApp. The open rate of WhatsApp is 99%, compared with 22% for email.

How Lead Automation can help you:


Automated follow-ups for leads

Just enter the contact information into your CRM-system, and a WhatsApp message will be sent automatically.

Time efficient

Waste no time by calling leads one by one and instead reach them all at once in a matter of seconds.


The most popular platform

There are 175 million customers worldwide who message or communicate with a company on WhatsApp. It’s faster and more efficient than a phone call or e-mail.

Save money

By automating leads through WhatsApp, less employees are needed. That means it saves your company a lot of money.


Never miss a lead again!