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WhatsApp Lead Automation

“Never miss a lead again”

Contact your potential customers instantly through automated WhatsApp messaging. This way you can be sure you won’t miss out on any leads!


Follow up leads within 1 minute with a 99% open rate

Do you feel like you could make more sales?

There is a chance this actually might be true. However, this may primarily be down to the lack of time and resources available to follow up on every lead. We have a unique solution to this problem!

Follow up leads within 1 minute

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The customer fills in their contact details on the form. Enter this data into you CRM.

A first WhatsApp message is automatically sent to the customer. The chat agent reacts within 30 seconds.

67% of chats convert directly to an appointment.

*Schoonenberg Hoorsupport case

Forget email, use WhatsApp

Even with paid leads, only up to 32% are followed up. With Lead Automation, all of them will be directly contacted through WhatsApp. The open rate of WhatsApp is 99%, compared with 22% for email.

How Lead Automation can help you!


Automated follow-ups for leads

Just enter the contact information into your CRM-system, and a WhatsApp message will be sent automatically.


Time efficient

Waste no time by calling leads one by one and instead reach them all at once in a matter of seconds.


The most popular platform

There are 175 million customers worldwide who message or communicate with a company on WhatsApp. It’s faster and more efficient than a phone call or e-mail.


Save money

By automating leads through WhatsApp, less employees are needed. That means it saves your company a lot of money.



A 91,4% reply rate with WhatsApp

With a open rate of 99% in WhatsApp, Schoonenberg got a 91,4% reply rate. Conversation24 takes this and made it into a 67% conversion! This means of all the chats, 67% of the customers made an appointment at Schoonenberg who got in a chat with us.


Personalized messages for your customers

BOLD PEOPE has more than 100 traineeships and vacancies for young banking professionals. We help BOLD PEOPLE in making appointments in potential customers for specific vacancies. The messages are personalized per customer!

How Lead Automation can help you!

Never miss a lead again

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