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Advantages of WhatsApp Business and the API

WhatsApp is one of the most installed apps today. On this messaging platform you can send images, videos, files, and  much more with ease. These features are just a few reasons why WhatsApp is popular around the world. This blog will help to explain the key differences and advantages of WhatsApp business and the WhatsApp API.

WhatsApp business

This solution is suitable for local business owners and small to medium-sized businesses. The benefits of the WhatsApp business will help you increase sales and grow your business on the world’s most popular messaging platform. Therefore, being a great way to create an effective 5-star customer experience.

Advantages of Using WhatsApp Business:

  • It is a free messaging app.
  • It is very easy to stay in touch with business partners with WhatsApp business.
  • Users can communicate directly.
  • WhatsApp Business makes it easy for businesses to personalize the content of messages for each user.
  • Amazing thing is that Personal and Business chats are separated.
  • One of the biggest benefits is that it saves your time through quick reply when you have to talk to many customers at once.
  • End-to-end encryption: This means that only you and your customer can read the messages, nobody else.
  • WhatsApp Business provides communication channels for selling, marketing, and supporting.


WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp business API is a paid option suitable for medium to large business and can be integrated with other systems. Furthermore, one great feature is that it allows for multiple agents to access it at once. This makes it a great weapon for a larger scaled customer service operation. This is because you are able to send out bulk notifications and use automation.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business API:

  • The whole team can use the account on more than one device.
  • You get leverage to grow your business worldwide.
  • One benefit of using WhatsApp API is that it builds a strong relationship with customers.
  • It is a secure platform for your business.
  • By using WhatsApp business API companies and users can interact directly with each other.
  • You can run an advanced and digital communication strategy that builds relation relationships.
  • It offers integration functions that allow you to continue using your favorite CRMs.


Do you want to connect your business to customers on a familiar platform that is reliable? Then we suggest getting started with WhatsApp!

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