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Best Live Chat Examples and Practices for 2021

Live chat is by far the software that meets customers’ expectations the most in our days. If we were already in a constant rush handling work and personal lives, it became worse after the pandemic’s outbreak. We were left out of choices but to adapt our routine to function almost entirely online. Hence why live chat became so vital for business: because it fits with any busy daily routine. 

Moreover, businesses should be where potential and existing customers are, and live chat meets that requirement. They can quickly start a conversation using their telephones or computers without filling a form first or waiting in a queue.

Thus, whether you have live chat on your website or app or are willing to start your journey today, this article is thought for you. We will discuss the best live chat examples and practices for 2021. 


What Is Live Chat? 

Before we speak about the best live chat examples, we can briefly describe live chat as a messaging app that enables real-time conversations between your company and customers. Additionally, businesses can combine live chat services with a chatbot to provide customers with immediate responses during any time of the day.

Check this article to learn more about what is live chat and how your business can grow by using this software.


Why Should Businesses Adopt Live Chat?

Firstly, we must shed some light on how consumers seek an efficient chat service but seldom find it. According to One Report, 89% want to have the possibility to message businesses in real-time, but only 48% offer chat services.

Furthermore, some businesses end up turning their chat services into traditional customer service. The quick replies sound robotic, and consumers feel as if they were just as an incident number. On the other side, your team is taken to answer repetitive questions, left with little time to handle more complex requests.

However, there is no need to panic! By adopting the right tools and practices, you can deliver a meaningful and seamless experience to customers. Considering that, we listed below five of the best live chat examples for 2021. They might inspire you through your journey chatting and building connections with your customers!


The Best Live Chat Examples

So, you want to make the best use of live chat but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry. We got you covered. Check out our list! You can quickly adapt our examples to your support, sales, and marketing strategies.


Engage Customers Right Away Using Live Chat

What usually happens when you enter a store? A salesperson comes, says hi, and asks if they can help you with anything. It works likewise with a website or app. Greet your visitor as soon as they land on the homepage. Therefore, if the person replies, your agents can quickly guide them with information on the products and services.


Pay Special Attention to Frequent Visitors

Live chat software allows us to verify how many times a visitor checked the website and their time on specific pages. Therefore, take that chance to ask if they have questions about the products and services. Show them that you care, and be ready to help. Consumers appreciate an attentive and proactive approach.


Provide a Personalized Experience

As we mentioned being attentive and proactive, let’s stress the importance of providing a personalized experience. Live chat is here to facilitate communication between businesses and customers. However, even if the conversation is short and fast, there are ways to build a connection with the customer. It is all about developing a loyal relationship.

Are you speaking to a customer that recently purchased a coffee machine on your website and is now willing to buy coffee beans? Ask them how was their experience, if the product arrived as it should and if they could manage to install it. 

We know the drill here – a customer satisfied with the services is more likely to return. Therefore, consider having a picture and the name of your agent. You can likewise use fictional characters if it fits best your business purposes.


Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment 

Did you know that around 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer finishes shopping? Of course, some customers like to simulate the purchase to have an idea of the final price, but often they abandon the cart because they hesitate.

Live chat easily covers that gap. Instead of leaving the website with hesitation, customers can quickly ask something about your size guide or double-check your delivery fees. 

Even though there is still no guarantee that they will place an order, you are increasing possibilities for sales one way or another.


Manage Support Resources More Accurately 

All the conversations that take place within a live chat software generate data. And this data is gold for your business. Every piece of information you get from a conversation with a customer can provide insights into areas needing attention or improvement. 

Moreover, it can help organize your agents’ shifts, as you can reach more clarity on the busiest moments of the day over the chat.


Final Thoughts

Live chat is here to stay. Therefore, as we could prove above, the software comes with many assets to enhance your business’ performance. It is our pleasure to join you through the process of improving your business using live chat. Start now!

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