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Boost Your E-commerce Websites

Connecting with your customers is now is absolutely curcial for any business. Live chat is a great tool to help you do this. Traditional shopping trends have changed all over the world. Lockdown has restricted people from visiting physical stores. So, many businesses have moved online. Shopping online is a whole new experience for customers and sellers. E-commerce websites had to find their way in a market that is going through constant changes and improvements. While shopping online, customers will always have questions in mind even if brands provide all the relevant information on their website. Here is where live chat shines. If your e-commerce store doesn’t offer the option to get in contact via chat, customers are more prone to leave the page without purchasing anything.

Here are some reasons why live chat is essential for the growth of your e-commerce website.

Time saving for customer satisfaction

Today we live for instant gratification. Sending emails or waiting on the phone to get the information just doesnt suffice. Customers want immediate responses to their questions. Live chat is the best option to deal with this situation. Live chat comes with features that allow operators to reply fast and handle multiple chats simultaneously.

Less Abandoned Carts

Live chat makes it possible to clear all the confusion of the customers instantly which helps him to make a purchase. Research shows that 57% of customers abandon their carts if they do not get an immediate response from the seller. Because there are certain questions they want to know instantly. Here is a list of the types of questions the customers may ask that help them make a purchase

  • How long will it take to deliver the order?
  • How true to color or size is this product?
  • Any offers for new customers?
  • If any issue with the size or quality of the product, what is the change and refund policy?

The customer would find it too much hastle to open an email tab and ask these questions. Live chat will instantly provide the answers.

Insight About Customers

Live chat enables companies to get instant feedback on customer satisfaction rate. Companies have the chance to listen to the customer’s demands directly. So they can improve their products or can launch new products according to their demands. The data collected through live chat is very valuable to improve the quality of the work of some companies.

Humanized Customer Care Experience 

If you want to improve your online customer experience, live chat is essential for your website. So there are numerous reasons to add live chat to your e-commerce websites to enhance the growth of the company. People love to come back if they get good customer care support. Are you ready to give it a go?

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