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Call Reduction Strategies: Use Omnichannel

What comes to mind first when you think about customer service? Even though we have all sorts of specialists working to bring innovation to this area, we tend to imagine vast open spaces full of agents ready to pick the next call. And yes, they still exist! Contact and call centres still figure as a relevant part of the customer journey. 

However, having call centres as the single communication channel is not an option anymore. Nevertheless, a high number of calls has an immediate negative impact on customer experience. Customers hate to stay on hold, and as waiting time increases, agents feel stressed as they cannot meet their goals due to high demand. 

The solution is not straightforward and takes considerable investment, but it can be practical and worth the effort. Do you have a clue? If you bet on strategy, you got it right! 

We’ll shed some light on call reduction strategies and how to use omnichannel to elevate the quality of the customer journey. 


Map the Customer Journey


When faced with an unexpected problem, such as a problem with the website or with payment, what does your customer do? They will probably try to call your customer service and, if unsuccessful, they will look for another channel or simply complain on Social Media or by writing a bad review. 

Customers expect to feel valued and special, hence the company needs to make it clear that they truly care about the problem are doing their best to solve it.

In this sense, mapping your customer’s journey is an efficient way to increase the effectiveness of your approach. You will notice how it helps with anticipating potential complaints and figuring out possible solutions for them. 


Call Reduction Strategies: Choosing Channels


We have a bunch of different channels that enable consistent communication with customers. And they will keep coming, non-stop. Therefore, instead of including every one of them as part of your business, it is best to make wise choices. When aiming to achieve call reduction strategies at their best, focus on an assortment of channels that speak meaningfully to your business. 

Moreover, list the pros and cons of the integration process of the chosen channels. Ideally, all channels should aspire for uniformity in their communication. Simply put, an omnichannel strategy is the best option. 

Adding channels randomly without delineating a common point of contact would compose otherwise a multichannel approach.


Include One Channel at a Time


On another note, having multiple channels requires more time (and hands!) to manage them. Thus, it is true that we should be wherever our customers are. But that does not mean being active on every new channel that pops up. Analyse and be sure to pick only the ones that make sense to your business.

Choosing the proper channels is, without any hesitation, one of the best call reduction strategies you can apply. On that matter, don’t think twice about starting small. Add one channel at a time and see how it goes before adding another one. 


Work on Customer-Centric Web Self-Service


After figuring out your channels’ choice, the next step is to enable customers to help themselves. Depending on what kind of information they look for, self-service might fill the gap. In this manner, customers can solve issues online, without having to grab the phone. 

A chatbot, for instance, is convenient for the first contact. Customers might wonder if there is a way to cancel an order, the delivery time frame, and the payment methods offered. Those sorts of questions are easily picked by a bot, adding value to the customer experience.  

Don’t forget to prepare a complete FAQ and to keep it updated! Moreover, keep them in a visible spot. To keep up with a customer-centric approach, investigate the data generated by the conversations customers have with the bot. 


Escalate Reasonably


Some issues need careful analysis or demand further investigation. In those cases, the best solution is to put customers in direct contact with an agent. Otherwise, they will struggle to explain the problem to a chatbot that will keep the customer turning in circles. Furthermore, our point is to invest in call reduction strategies, not to let customers waste their time. 

We began by emphasising the choice of channels, as it has a significant impact on implementation. 

By choosing correctly, you save time for both customers and your business, making escalation smoother. You will notice how efficient live chat, for example, can be. It reduces even churn rate as many customers obtain quick replies instead of waiting for days to receive a simple answer. 


Call Reduction Strategies: Final Observations


An omnichannel strategy meets the expectations of the modern consumer, significantly increasing the chances of a business to stand out in the market. Business owners, however, should keep in mind that this kind of service depends on robust technology infrastructure, effective training, and continuous engagement actions.

Are you convinced but not sure about where to start? We can guide you. Say hello!

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