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Chat Statistics – Planning Your Staff

Has it ever happened that you have planned your chat team, but it turns out that people are not enough? So the workload can’t be handled and you need to call extra people. Or maybe you have scheduled too many people and then there are not enough customers for them to handle? Have you tried using chat statistics? 

In the beginning, it might not be possible to schedule everything perfectly. You have no data, so you can only guess when it will be busy. And that’s okay. But with the time passing and having more data collected, you can do your planning much better. 

This can be done with our great tool – chat statistics. It collects data of all the executed chats – date, time, chat operator that handled the chat, etc. When you have access to this information, it is very easy to plan your team, so that all of the customers are serviced well and on time. 

What Kinds of Chat Statistics Can I Use?

There are a few different statistics that will be able to help you better plan your staff. The most important ones for this are:

  • Chats per day 
  • Chats per hour
  • Total number of chats

From the filters in the system, it is easy to select a date range for which you would like to check the data. You can select a day, a week, a month, or a few months. And then check the statistics for the chosen period. 

Chats per Day

With chats per day, it is very easy to see at what time of the day it gets busier or it is quieter. This way you can plan to have more people from your team working during the busiest hours. And of course less – for the quiet ones.

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So if you check the chats per day statistics for a few weeks or months. You will be able to notice if there is a pattern. If you receive more chats during the weekend for example, or more during the week. This way you can schedule your staff in advance. 

Chats per Hour

With chats per hour, you get into even more detail. With it, you can see the number of chats for each hour in a day. It is pretty convenient that you see exactly when you have fewer and more chats.


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Now you can do your planning better for the day. You will know how many people you need in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. You can schedule the working shifts according to the data you have. 

Total Number of Chats

With the total number of chats, you can see the overall result for the chosen period. You can see how many chats in total were there. When you get used to reading the data and working with it, the total number of chats will give you a quick insight into how you need to plan your staff. 

chat statistics
There are always exceptions, of course. It may happen that one day more chats are coming without you expecting it. Or you have expected more, but there are just a few coming, regardless of the statistics. But such cases happen rarely. 

Chat statistics is an amazing tool that you can always use for better planning. It gives you important insight into what is happening at the times the chat is active on your website. This way, you can prepare your team for the workload and your customers will be better satisfied with the service they receive. 

So start planning your staff better using live chat and chat statistics today

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