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Combining Qualities of Chatbot and Live Chat

We live in a world where access to information is unlimited. And the need for faster customer service is more prominent than ever. With the 48-hour reply time frame for emails and long waiting lines on the phone, it is no wonder why more people prefer to use the channel that saves time and provides anonymity – chat. It is the solution for people’s impatience when it comes to receiving answers to their questions. And for companies, it is also the perfect push for making a sale – fast enough to dispel any doubt the customer may have. The increasing use of chat raíses the question of which type of chat is better for customers and companies – chatbot or live chat?


Why Are Chatbots Gaining So Much Interest?

The use of chatbots is spreading. These intelligent conversational systems are one of a kind when it comes to speed, availability, and costs. The chatbot can help many customers at the same time and provide visitors the answers it is programmed to give. Furthermore, AI chatbots get better the more interactions they have with customers. Having the chatbot available 24/7 is also very convenient because you can support your customers non-stop. When you take the relatively low costs into consideration, you can imagine how the use of chatbots will spread even more in the future.


Is the Chatbot All Sunshine and Rainbows?

There are aspects of chatbots, however, which are not yet developed. And they are still important for a great customer service experience. Not being able actually to understand the customer can result in loss of sales and lead to frustrated customers. Another thing that occurs frequently is that visitors know their questions can’t be answered by the chatbot, so they don’t even bother using the channel, which may lead to losing customers to competitors. Research by RichRelevance also shows that 40.7% of consumers find being answered by a chatbot “creepy” rather than “cool” (27.0%). Even though AI chatbots are updating themselves through interactions, they are currently far from being able to compete with the human brain.


What Can Live Chat Add to Chatbot?

Live chat operators can come to the rescue when chatbots are not delivering the support that is needed. While a live chat operator sometimes may not be as fast and inexpensive for the company as a bot, being able to understand the question is priceless when it comes to generating sales and improving the customer experience. Even if operators don’t know the answer right away, they can always make a quick search or ask for help from their colleagues rather than just repeating the same given phrase. Certainly, the conversion rates are much higher when the customer receives the proper support. When the customers are satisfied, they come back and will praise you.


How to Get the Most Out of Both?

Having all this in mind, perhaps we should aim for the golden middle, the hybrid chat. chatbots can handle the questions they are programmed for; they can answer basic, first-line questions. For more complicated cases, they can still be useful by quickly gathering the essential information from the customers. Once they do that they are transferring them to live chat operators. They can contribute with their human qualities to the experience. This may turn out to be the best practice for higher conversion rates and better customer experience reviews. Having both a chatbot and live chat operators can still provide lower costs and 24/7 availability, along with happy customers and increased sales.


What to Keep in Mind When Implementing Your Bot and Live Chat

Keep in mind that clear communication is key. It is important to notify visitors when they are communicating with a bot. And also when the bot transfers them to a human operator. Another good thing is to communicate that a live operator is available when the chatbot is not able to answer their questions. This eliminates the risk of visitors not bothering to ask their questions. Concluding, a hybrid chat allows you to use the qualities of a chatbot. And ensures that visitors will always be able to get a proper answer to their questions. Try not to look at the impairments of these innovations, but combine their qualities.


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