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Customer Loyalty Starts with a Chat

In many industries that move around consultancy, there is one key priority. The gut feeling between you and the consultant you want to hire. Suppose we take a more private example, such as a real estate agent that wants to sell your house. Do you hire the one with the best listings on his website? Or the one that immediately responds to your inquiry and helps you out? Chat is an important tool to develop customer loyalty.

Data shows that in the consumer’s mind trying to make up which consultant to hire for this particular job, the gut feeling is more important than price or other positivistic characteristics. We even see that when people reach out via chat or WhatsApp. A quick message back with “I’ll come back to you later today” results in a customer stopping their search as they feel they already have a “social contract” with this particular real estate agent.

That first click you get is essential for you to pick the consultant you want to work with. And for the agent, it’s just as essential to market themselves, so they can land clients and successfully run their business. It’s not so different from before technology hit us as a society. The social constructs are still similar to what they used to be. The difference is merely in the channel, today that’s WhatsApp.

Well, we’ve got you covered. Chat with your customers and increase customer loyalty!


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