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How Conversational Commerce Is Transforming the Shopping Experience

As a company, you want to help your customers as much as possible in the buying process. To achieve this, communication is key. So you need to know when your customers need your help and where you can step in to give them that extra push to buy something.

By making use of Conversational Commerce, you can give your customers a positive shopping experience. Do you want to know how it has changed the shopping experience? and how you can also apply it to your strategy? Read on!


What Is Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce is a convenient way to communicate with customers in a personalized and on-brand way. This can increase customer satisfaction and benefits your brand in general. Conversational commerce is also good for driving sales, because each conversation is personalized to the customer.

Unlike aggressive pop-ups and banners, this form of selling opens a dialogue between you and potential customers. Brands can use Conversational Commerce through technology such as Live Chat, chatbots, or social media messaging.

Social media messaging channels are now full-fledged shopping channels. Conversations about products and services can take place directly through the channel, whether that’s through a chatbot or a chat operator. This allows users to receive personalized advice, or additional information. Or, for example, place orders and complete transactions.


Why Is Conversational Commerce Important?

Consumers who engage in a conversation with a company are often on the verge of buying something. So it’s essential that brands give them that final push to purchase.

With conversational commerce, you enable consumers to shop and interact with brands through messaging apps. Younger consumers in particular prefer to send a message when they have a short question, rather than communicate through traditional channels such as email or phone. 64% of people say they would prefer to message rather than call a business. This is largely due to the speed and accessibility that chat options offer.

At any point in the customer journey, customers can now communicate with brands through their preferred channel.


How Do You Use Conversational Commerce?

There are many consumers who leave their shopping carts behind without buying anything. With conversational commerce, you could try and prevent this from happening.

Consumers don’t even think about approaching companies for advice or help most of the time. They often do their research on the products they want on their own. And even if they were to approach you, they additionally have plenty of other companies they can turn to if they are not helped quickly enough.

So chances are they will go to the competitor if they want to buy something but still have some questions, for example. Especially if it’s very inconvenient to contact a company, or if they have to change channels to get in touch. But with a feature like Live Chat, you can help customers before they even realize they need help. Just like in a physical store actually. This way, maybe with the final push, they will make a purchase.


Personalise the Shopping Experience

But when is the right time to approach your customers? You actually want to know at what point in the purchase process a customer needs help making the next step. If you then approach them at the right time, customers also feel that they can always get help during their shopping experience online.

To find these moments you have to keep a close eye on your website analytics. For example, if a visitor is on the checkout page longer than average, he might need extra help. 

You can also do this with your product pages. If there’s a lot of information on there and the visitor has to read a lot before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to make sure he understands everything properly. But you shouldn’t stalk him either. You can track what the average time on a page is, and only send a message when someone is on the page longer than that.


Conversational Commerce makes the shopping experience easier and reduces customer service response time. Would you like to experience this yourself with Live Chat? Then Conversation24 is the place to be! Please contact us below.

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