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How to Use Live Chat In a Creative Way

Website engagement is an important part of the customer experience. When customers have a question about marketing or sales, approximately 82% consider an immediate answer important or very important. With a customer service question, this is as high as 90%. Every second a company takes longer to answer, the likelihood of a purchase decreases.

Live Chat can fill that gap by being a direct line of communication without customers having to leave the page, or use another device. Using Live Chat as a marketing tool is a good way to distinguish yourself from competitors who don’t have that option. It also increases customer interaction and loyalty to your company.

Besides answering customer questions, there are several ways to use Live Chat a little more creatively. Here are some ways to use live website chat in a creative way.


Live Chat in Multiple Languages

If you have an international customer base, your customers will probably speak different languages. Therefore, it’s extra convenient if you offer a chat option in a number of different languages. This way, customers have to put less effort into formulating their question and also understand the answer better.

It will create extra customer satisfaction if customers know they can communicate in their own language, and it will ultimately boost interaction.

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Use Chat Transcripts for Customer Insights

Besides answering customer questions, you can also use Live Chat for marketing purposes. The transcripts of different types of chat conversations are a goldmine of data. The mix of curious, annoyed, satisfied, or angry customers can give you many insights. For example in the behavior, motivation, needs and wishes of the customer. 

Here are some applications of the data:

  • Content. You can find out what your customers’ needs are, and what they want to have more information about. Then you can base your content on that.
  • Campaigns. Tailor your campaigns to customer experiences uncovered through live chat. Once you found out what problems your customers are experiencing, you can respond to that with a campaign based on the solution.
  • Target group. The data from the chat can help you segment your target group. For example people asking the same questions, or the location the questions come from.
  • Competitors. By searching for conversations where your competitors are mentioned, you can find out more information about them. Use this to get inspiration on what makes you unique from your competition.


Personalised Conversations

Personalization has been an essential part of marketing for a long time. Customers expect the best service. The large amount of data you have about your customers, can be used to create unique messages for individual customers. 

You can even do this with the help of automation. For example, set up different questions for each page of your website that a chatbot can ask. Then, a live chat operator can take over for an even more personal interaction while they already have context.


Ask for Feedback

The end of a conversation is a good time to ask for customer feedback. Only 55% of companies do this. A missed opportunity for the rest, as it gives you insight into your problem areas, and therefore what you need to fix and improve. Customers often even appreciate being asked for feedback. Simple questions like ”Was the conversation helpful?” and ”Were you satisfied with the experience?” will go a long way. And if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

So, there are several ways to use Live Chat in a creative way. And with some extra applications of Live Chat, you can already improve your customer satisfaction a lot more. For more information about Live Chat, click here. Or check out our products.

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