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4 Industries Benefiting From Conversational Commerce

The eCommerce world is a competitive one. Business thinking that if you deliver the best products at the lowest price this will be enough to set you apart will simply get left behind.  Things are changing and customers’ needs and wants are too. Customer experience is now considered the utmost important thing when it comes to the success of a business. And conversational commerce is a great tool to create these experiences.  

With a growing number of messaging platform users, conversational commerce has gained momentum and popularity within many industries. Each taking advantage of the benefits that come with this communication tool, we are now seeing the game blow wide open with smaller players being able to join the competition.  

What Is Conversational Commerce?

The art of conversation is very powerful. Conversational commerce is simply an extension of this. A way for retailers to harness this power and pour it into selling products and services. Through the use of chat apps, chatbots, or through messaging platforms, conversational commerce helps to provide customers with a more personalized experience. Additionally, it helps push customers through the sales funnel a lot faster. 

Industries to benefit;


For many years the travel industry has centered around the customer experience being self-service. But, conversational commerce has allowed for this to change. Making a shift towards a more interactive and personalized experience. 

However, even though the customer experience is key to any business success, the travel industry has also seen the potential in conversational commerce in the way it can help increase conversions. Additionally, a great experience has a huge impact on return customers which the travel industry relies heavily upon.


The gaming industry is huge, and conversational commerce has created an opportunity to interact with players in a different way. Conversations can now be used to keep customers on the hook through easy subscription, rewards, or vouchers. 

In an industry where it is so important to have players coming back for more, conversational commerce has allowed players to re-engage with brands. 


You can’t talk about conversational commerce without mentioning the obvious industry that has utilized this great tool. Retail is a booming industry and conversational commerce has allowed for a more simplified and personalized shopping experience.

Not only this, but it has meant that it was possible for the in-store experience to be translated online. Customers can now engage with agents who can guide them through their whole journey from queries to even payment. Technological advancements such as previewing items in 3D and virtual viewings have enhanced interactions between retailers and customers. Changing the retail landscape forever. 


The beauty industry can boast to have one of the most engaging target groups. However, this means the demand for the industry to get it right in terms of satisfied customers is even more difficult. Being on the platform where your customers are is important. In this particular case, social media is the leading platform. However, it’s also important how brands are interacting with their customers on these platforms.

With so many products out there, customers can feel overwhelmed in the decision-making process. This is where conversational commerce can really work to this industry’s advantage. Real-time support and guidance can be offered to any customer looking to make a purchase. This means faster solutions and fewer abandoned carts. 


In short, conversational commerce has allowed various industries to flourish and thrive. As a result, they are meeting the needs of modern-day customers. If you haven’t yet signed up to witness this magic yourself, then get started with Conversation24 today!

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