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Why Should E-Commerce Websites Use Live Chat?

Sales worldwide were shaken by the pandemic, which caused a substantial change in the way we shop. Due to the current restrictions, some businesses had to close the doors of their physical stores. This change pushed customers to seek help online. A brand often offers the same range of products online and offline. But shopping online is a whole different experience. eCommerce websites had to find their way in a market that lives through constant changes and improvements, so the structure they have now is way better than it was about five years ago. However, even if a webshop provides all the information the customers are looking for one click away, they are still prone to have some questions in mind. Unlike in a physical store, when customers hesitate online, they cannot ask a salesperson for assistance. 

Here is when Live Chat comes under the spotlights. Live Chat is the closest a customer could get to asking for help from a salesperson. If your eCommerce store does not offer this kind of service, the customer will probably switch to another webshop to find what they are looking for elsewhere. Here are some of the reasons why eCommerce businesses should use Live chat.


Customers don’t want to waste time

Your customers may find the FAQ too long, or they might be too busy to go through it to seek the information they need. They are probably visiting multiple websites at once, so they do not expect to grab the phone or wait for an email reply either. In brief, customers want to save time when they are shopping. They look for prompt answers, and live chat is ideal for providing quick replies for common inquiries. Live chat apps come with features that allow chat operators to answer fast. As one chat operator simultaneously can handle multiple chats, it is an efficient and economical way to provide help to your customers.


The possibility to multitask while they chat

As we talked about multitasking, this can also be a benefit for the customer. Another plus of shopping online is the possibility to do multiple things at the same time. For instance, they can catch up with their social media while they wait for an answer from the chat. When customers choose eCommerce instead of a physical store, they have more room to browse various websites. 


Live Chat: the ideal tool to increase your conversion rate

If customers are unable to find the information they are looking for immediately, there is a chance they will hesitate to commit to the purchase. Let’s say a customer bought a sweater and wants to return it because it was too small. They will probably feel frustrated if they struggle to find more information about the return and refund policy. But what if they can obtain an answer quickly by addressing their question on live chat?

Now imagine a customer who wishes to know the costs of shipping and whether there is an express option. They might be ready to place their order, but they need this piece of information to check out finally. Nowadays, 57% of online customers abandon their purchase if an immediate answer doesn’t come from customer support. Through the purchase journey, a customer – again – wants to save time. The chat can likewise be the right solution by offering this customer the reply they need within a few minutes.

We listed some recurring questions that eCommerce websites get. A chat operator is capable of answering those quickly:

  • How long will it take to deliver my parcel if I place an order today? 
  • Is there any discount for new customers? 
  • If the size of a garment is not right, will I be able to exchange it? Is a refund possible? 
  • How true to size is this item? 

It would demand some precious time to open a new tab, type a new message, email it and hold on until it gets answered. Instead of giving the clients time to go to the competition, they can be easily satisfied with swift answers and competent live chat services, making them feel more confident about shopping at the same place next time.


Get valuable insights into customer’s behaviors 

Live chat enables you to get instant feedback, whether it is by asking the customers if they are satisfied with the service or just by “listening” to what they have to say. Customers can rate the chat through a scoring system programmed to the chat. Through the chat, customers don’t feel forced to open a new link to take an email survey or call for feedback. Live chat provides significant data not reachable through telephone or email support. Moreover, it is also possible to add analytical tools to your CRM. Based on this data, you can track when customers decide to use the chat, and the most common hurdles they encounter.


Provide a humanized experience for the customer through chat

If you want the customer to feel as close as possible to the traditional store’s experience, live chat may be the answer. About 70% of consumers rather have human agents to AI technologies. By using a warm and friendly approach, customers will feel more comfortable about the whole purchase experience. Additionally, the option to program the live chat box to pop up a “How can I help you today” feels just like hearing a sales assistant!


Live chat is a powerful tool for E-commerce. Customers feel more appealed to come back if they have good customer support. Are you convinced that Live Chat is the solution for your webshop? Learn more here!


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