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Live Chat; Move A Step Forward In The E-commerce World

These days, people are taking the precautionary measures to avoid the pandemic. This created a need for retailers to move to e-commerce platforms. Not only that, but E-commerce websites have hade to go through improvements so that they can provide a better customer care experience like the one they have in physical stores. This can be made possible when companies have direct communication with consumers.


But how do you do that? with Live chat! Live chat is like asking for help from a salesperson in a physical store. With real time and personalized conversations it is a great addition to your ecommerce site. 


So how exactly is live chat changing the e-commerce game? let’s explore this! 


Customers have a busy schedule


Today, no one has time to read out long FAQs or company policies. The customers want the answers to their questions just a click away. In brief, they want to save their time when shopping online.


Live chat is ideal for this situation. Customers are provided only with the information they asked for and without waiting long for it.


Live chat; make more profits


If customers are unable to find the information they are in search of immediately, there are chances that they will abandon their cart. Online shopping is a different experience from that of physical stores as you cant see the product in person. Customers are thus concerned about the quality, color, or size of the product. They also want to know about shipping charges delivery times and express options. If provided with information instantly, they surely will place their order. Research has found that 57% of customers leave the page if they don’t get the needed information fast.   


Get valuable insight into customer’s psychology


Through live chat, companies get instant feedback. They don’t need to conduct separate surveys to make improvements. Live chat provides significant data otherwise difficult to collect. For additional data, some analytical tools or rating score system can be added to CRM. Analysis of this data gives an insight into customer’s psychology.


Provide a friendly experience on your e-commerce sites


Live chat is like talking to a salesperson in the store. About 70% of consumers prefer to talk to a live chat operator rather than to preset answers or long FAQs. By using a warm and friendly approach, the customer will have a more comfortable and relaxed environment to shop.


Live chat is such a powerful tool for your e-commerce websites that it can boost your business to new heights. If customers are satisfied, surely they will return for next time. Why not try it yourself! 

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