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Online purchasing and returns sky-rocket!

From new clothing to sports equipment, people have flocked to the internet to help distract themselves from the current crisis. Online purchasing skyrocket!

Since the Corona outbreak began, online purchasing skyrocketed worldwide. Moreover, people in lockdown also turned to online shopping for essential goods, such as pharmaceuticals and groceries.

With the knowledge that sales are increasing and that even without a crisis, the likelihood of an online purchase being returned is three times higher than in-store. We can begin to create a clear picture of how the pandemic affected that number.

Businesses see massive growth in sales and return. Consequently, it became more important than ever to have good customer service. They must ensure they are ready for a higher number of queries and complaints that go conjointly with online shopping.

Therefore, more companies turn to communication channels such as WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat services to better equip themselves to deal with this high influx of customers. As one chat agent can assist a larger number of customers at one time, fast and efficient service is being provided, and businesses are saving time and resources.

You can achieve the best customer experience with the help of live chat. Learn more here!

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