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WhatsApp for Wine!

Imagine sitting on your patio after a long week at the office enjoying your favourite glass of Chablis. Your favourite white wine. It’s rich and you’re contemplating, but you think this will go tremendously well with that winter cod your colleague was telling you about. Not sure, but we have guests over tomorrow.

Quickly you pick up your phone and start a WhatsApp conversation with your local wine store. They know you, you’ve been going there for literally ever. “Jean-Pierre, how are you? Can you give me advice if the Chablis I bought two weeks ago would work with this particular cod-dish I’m preparing this weekend?” Even though you know he’s not actually called Jean-Pierre, it’s a running gag for over a decade now. Better stick to it.

But Jean-Pierre is smart and quickly responds with another wine suggestion that will fully complement the dish. He even responds with a payment link and the notion, if you order via this link now, I’ll make sure you’ll have them delivered in time for dinner tomorrow. The deal was done, you’ve never felt better in your life and quickly start sipping that delicious wine again.

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