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Request to ban WeChat in the US is denied, AGAIN!

The US government’s request to ban WeChat, the social media app, in the United States was once again denied. WeChat is a multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. Although it is trendy in China, the app is also an important means of communication for many Americans. The so-called Chinese-Americans use it to contact friends and family back home via chat or audio messages.

Just like any other Social Media, WeChat took all over the world. The social media app even allows users to make purchases while they message their friends.

Last month, the government blocked the previous request. The judge stated that the right to communicate freely was more important in this case. Nevertheless, the United States Government remained fearful that the Chinese communist party could access US users’ data. By presenting additional evidence, the Department of Justice hoped to ban WeChat this time around finally. However, the judge once again denied the request as he disagreed with the argument the app would pose a threat to national security.

An appeal was made against this decision, with a verdict not expected till December. During this time, the app is still available for download in the US.


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