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WhatsApp Business and the future of business messaging

Companies will soon be able to sell their products within WhatsApp. WhatsApp worked on improvements that are surely significant for the future of business messaging!

Small businesses affected by the current pandemic may benefit from Facebook’s most recent announcement. In the coming months, WhatsApp will offer companies the opportunity to sell their products and deal with payments directly within the app.

Furthermore, this new feature allows businesses to store chats on Facebook servers. It makes it easier for them to respond to customers at any time.

For that, WhatsApp will notify their users. In the notification, they inform that conversations are stored on the server. And that they are not protected by end-to-end encryption as normal chats are.

Since the corona outbreak, offline and online business models thrived worldwide. Due to this, Whatsapp Business became one of many platforms gaining new business. Consider that we currently have about 175 million people spending more time in touch with businesses via the app every day. Particularly during pandemic times, we cannot ignore how powerful this tool is.

With the introduction of these new features, Whatsapp Business could become a great solution for offline and small businesses. Especially during pandemic times.

Never heard about the business version of the app? It is never too late to learn more. Check our article to discover more about the benefits!

Check the promotional advertisement they created to promote the new feature below.


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