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Retargeting by Textmining

If you have thousands of conversations with your customers every day, you’re not only providing them with good service. You also collect a lot of data when you exchange with them. A goldmine. First hand, qualitative data of customers. Prospects that tell you what they want, where they want it, and how they want it. So why not use textmining for retargeting?

If this data is analyzed, of course, anonymized, it can be leveraged as customer insights. Moreover, it can fill your favorite business intelligence dashboard. Additionally, your marketing team can benefit from this data too. They probably already retarget website visitors based on their clicks and path through the website. Hence they can now use keywords from the chat to generate ads automatically.

If you wonder how retargeting by textmining works, don’t worry. We can explain it in a few words. Through the analysis of chat conversations with the customer, it’s possible to generate personalized advertisements. By providing a better and more personalized experience, you increase the chance of conversions.

Picture this. You talk to a potential customer about a red Audi A4 that they want to buy through a financial lease as a freelancer. You probably can already guess which ads will be shown over the course of the coming weeks to that individual. This super personalization is not only to-the-point but also crazy successful from a digital marketing campaign perspective.

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