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What Happens Next? All About Aftersales in the Chat!

Aftersales is often neglected by many companies. Even though you don’t have to invest that much in it, to achieve a lot. Especially if you use chat, you can really offer your customers a positive experience after their purchase. This way, you can make sure that customers come back to you, or recommend your company to others.

In this article, you will learn more about using the chat for aftersales!


What Is Aftersales?

Before we start looking at the different ways of aftersales in the chat, it’s important to know what aftersales exactly is. The name says it all, it’s all the contact and actions of the seller after a purchase. This can be anything, from giving extra information, to (technical) help with the product or service. It can also include recommending matching products, or asking for feedback.

For example, when someone buys a laptop. When he gets it delivered to his home, the transaction is complete. But when it doesn’t work properly, this will have to be communicated and solved. This situation then becomes aftersales. Another scenario is that the laptop works well, but the customer wants an extra USB-cable. The sales rep can then recommend relevant products. You can also use aftersales for commercial purposes, or to improve the customer experience.

A bad aftersales service after a purchase can of course also have a negative effect. It increases the chance of losing a customer. You also run the risk of the customer speaking negatively about your products or services. This means you can lose new customers too.

That being said, aftersales should be a fixed part of the customer journey. And with a chat function, you can make it easier to offer customers a positive aftersales experience.


Ways to Use the Chat for Aftersales

Make sure you are always available to customers after a purchase through all your channels like phone, email and chat. Chat is the channel people often use for smaller questions, or when they want a quick answer. It can be used very well for aftersales. Here are some ways to improve your aftersales strategy with chat.


Include Customers in Your Mailing List

One of the most important things you should ask the customer after a purchase, is if they want to receive emails from you. The chatbot can automatically ask for the customers name and email. This way they can quickly be added to the aftersales mailing list. This way, you can keep them informed about everything around your business. Explain what your customers can gain by subscribing to them. This could be sharing new products or services, or being the first to know about promotions and offers.


Asking For Feedback

Besides including the customer in the mailing list, asking for feedback is also something you should not forget. You can do this easily through chat. For example, you can let the chatbot pop up a chat window when a customer has completed a purchase. Then you can ask the customer for feedback.

You can also simply show them a series of emojis to make it even more simple for them. If the customer clicks on a negative emoji, you can ask them why they are dissatisfied. This way you can ask for feedback without costing the customer too much time.


Service and Recommendations

Aftersales is a strategy that focuses on retaining existing customers. If someone has already bought something from a company, the customer already has a certain relationship with it. Therefore, you could easily ask whether they might need an upgrade or an extension.

A chatbot can also recommend similar or complementary products. And if necessary, the bot can send information and tips on use or video tutorials on request after the purchase. It can even put a customer in touch with a customer service agent.


Using Data

Because of all the data a chatbot collects, you can quickly receive information from customers. Of course, you shouldn’t bombard people with automated surveys and push notifications. But you can cleverly capitalise on the data you have about previous purchases, or the satisfaction of a customer.

If you want to know more ways to follow-up for an amazing customer journey, I recomment this article.

With a chatbot you can collect data, save a lot of time on the aftersales strategy, and ask questions to customers in an easy way. Interested in a chatbot? Click here for more information.

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