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Ecommerce Websites & Live Chat

Although people were already shifting to ecommerce websites for shopping, the pandemic has made this transition quicker. The restrictions have pushed the customers online. Shopping online is a whole new experience. So the structure of Ecommerce websites has greatly changed. Although websites provide all the information about their products and services, customers still have questions to ask. Unlike physical stores, where they can directly ask for help from a salesperson, online this looks different.

Here we see the need for live chat. Live chat ensures a customer can ask for help just like they would from a salesperson in a store. If your website doesn’t offer this solution to their customers, there is a chance that they will switch to some other site.

Here are some reasons why live chat is good for your E-commerce website.

Customers Are Time Conscious

In this busy life, customers don’t have time to read long FAQs. Sometimes they are visiting multiple sites, so they can’t wait for an email reply. Using live chat features can solve this problem. This option provides quick and easy access to agents and these agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously.

Multi-Tasking Facility

As mentioned, the customer may be busy with some other tasks too. Live chat options provide them the possibility to do multiple things while waiting for a reply. Unlike physical stores, they have more room to browse different sites at the same time.

Increase Your Conversion Rate 

If customers are unable to find relevant information about the product, there are chances that they will leave the site. For example, if a customer wants to buy shoes, but wants to know some return information for fear of size issues, live chat makes the customers life easier. Instead of reading all the return and refund policies they have quick access to information. Not only is accessibility key but speed too as research shows that 57% of customers do not purchase from a site that doesn’t offer an immediate response.

Here is the list of recurrent questions that e-commerce websites usually get:;

  • How much time will it take to deliver?
  • Any discount for the item available?
  • If I have size issues, will it be returned and refunded?
  • How true to size is this item?

Instead of sending an email, customers want fast replies to these questions. Through the use of live chat this is possible, leading to satisfied customers who will choose to do business on your website again.

Provides Insights About the Behaviors of visitors on your Ecommerce website

Live chat enables companies to get instant feedback. Customers can rate the chat through a scoring system. Live chat provides significant data that is difficult to collect otherwise. It is also practical to add analytical tools to your CRM to get an insight into customer’s choices and the hurdles they encounter.

Provides A Human-Like Experience

Live chat provides an experience just like one a customer would have in a brick-and-mortar store. Especially if a human is on the other end of the conversation. According to statistics, 70% of consumers prefer human agents to AI technologies.

In the light of the above-mentioned facts, live chat is not an opportunity to be missed anymore. In particular by Ecommerce Websites.

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