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Chat Operators: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Let’s imagine you walk into a store and there is no one to help you. Wouldn’t you feel a bit odd? You’d feel this way because you’d feel neglected by the owner of the store.

The same goes for e-commerce stores and online businesses. You visit a website and there is no one to help you. Increasingly more and more online businesses are using a chat button on their website to prevent this for happening.

  • What Happens in a Live Chat?

Technology has certainly changed the way customers and companies interact. A live chat button is one good example of it. 

A live chat button on your website is about customer satisfaction. Your customers can directly reach out to you if they have a question. For example, your payment is not going through after multiple tries. You open the chat box and state your issue. The chat operator will help you resolve it.

  • Who is a Chat Operator Exactly?

A chat operator is a person who has product knowledge and who helps website visitors. Even if it isn’t a website, but an app, a chat operator will handle queries over chat.

Chat operators are different from email representatives because emails are not ‘live’. Instead, emails take time. Customers prefer chats over emails because of their immediate and live nature.

Since chats are expected to be fast, a chat operator has to be on alert. They should know about what they are selling and even if the operator cannot help right away, they can put the customer in contact with an expert. This is how chat operators resolve issues in real-time.

  • Significance of a Chat Operator

Responsive chat operators can establish a good customer rapport with your business. And honestly, you need that!

You need your customers to know that you are serious about them and their needs. A chat operator can help you achieve that. How? By being there, live on the website, at all times! This way, whenever your customer need help, they can simply message them.

Pro-tip: Hire enough chat operators to cover a 24-hour period during a day. This way your customers can have help at all times! Besides, this will impact your customer retention in the most positive way. 

  • What to Look for When Hiring a Chat Operator?

Hiring a good chat operator is important. After all, they will be representing your company. So, you need someone who is quick-witted and has good communication skills.

When we say ‘good communication skills, it means knowing how to handle a customer. They must know how to handle a customer with the right responses and expressions. Knowing what to say and how to woo a customer with good language skills. Also, the chat operator should know how to sound human and professional, simultaneously!

Looking for a great team of chat operators? We can help with that!

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