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Connect With Customers During the Five Stages of their Customer Journey

Conversational commerce gives ecommerce stores the chance to connect with customers at every step of their customer journey. Unlike aggressive pop-ups and banners, this form of selling opens a dialogue between you and your potential customers that lets you establish much better relationships. Read more to discover how you can do this.

You can sell great products and design beautiful pages, but how can customers purchase from you if they don’t know who you are?


Turn Each Encounter Into a Long-Lasting Relationship

The customer journey map can be divided into five stages: awareness, consideration, decision, retention, loyalty, and advocacy. By using proper conversational commerce tools and tactics, you can connect with your customer at each of these stages, improve commerce experience,  and turn each encounter into a long-lasting relationship. Let’s see where you can meet your customers during each stage.


1. Awareness

This stage begins when a customer realizes they have a problem. They start to look for ways to solve it, and they discover you in the process. The awareness stage is considered to be the most important stage of the entire funnel. You can sell great products and design beautiful pages, but how can customers purchase from you if they don’t know who you are? 

Conversational tools let you connect with customers who have just begun their journey and are searching for providers like you. You can use those tools to show customers that you understand their issues and know how to solve their problems.


2. Consideration

At this stage, customers have already conducted preliminary research and learned a bit about you. However, their hunt for information hasn’t stopped yet. They’re still looking for more information, comparing you with available competitors, and reading user reviews. At this phase, you can use the power of conversation to provide customers with even more details to help them get to know your offer.

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3. Decision

This is the moment when the customer is ready to purchase. But, even if they chose you, you can’t rest on your laurels. You need to assure the customer that they are making the right choice so that they don’t change their minds. At this stage, you need to keep the conversation going to strengthen the customer’s decision. Provide social proof, and resolve issues instantly if any appear.


4. Retention

If the customer has arrived at this stage, it means you’ve provided all that they’ve needed so far. That doesn’t mean you can stop doing your best. Actually, taking special care of customers who have arrived at this stage is extremely beneficial.

Data shows that it’s five times cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. To maintain a good relationship with your customer, you need to send messages from time to time and respond to their messages, even if they are negative.


5. Advocacy

This is the last stage of the customer journey. It’s also the one that’s the hardest to arrive at. At this point, the customer becomes your brand ambassador who eagerly recommends your products to their friends and family. It’s your well-deserved reward. Customers wouldn’t have climbed so high if you hadn’t done a great job during their whole journey. 

But you can reap more benefits. If you continue the conversation with customers, you can ask them for testimonials or product reviews and make them feel a part of your team. By doing so, you’ll surely strengthen those relationships. To get you started, we offer various ways to communicate with your customers, like webchat and WhatsApp Business. So contact our sales for more information, or try our Conversation24 software for free with our 30 day trial.

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