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Improve the Customer Experience With SMS

Today, we live in a mobile first society filled with digital consumers. As a result, customers are looking to connect with businesses in the same way they connect with friends and family. SMS is a great channel to do just that. Meeting your customers on the platform they are already the most comfortable with. 

With an open rate of 90%, businesses have seen how rewarding this channel can be and continues to be. Particularly for marketing and communication purposes. So let’s take a look at a few ways SMS can improve the customer experience and help your business connect and engage with customers in the best way possible!


Targeted SMS

Targeted messages are a great way to gain the trust of your customers. This is because it allows for a more personal touch that customers hold with great importance. Within your SMS marketing strategy you can create targeted messages for each customer based on a whole list of things. Whether that be demographic, preferences, or even behaviour. By ensuring your messages are focused on individuals rather than mass groups, you will succeed in creating a better customer experience with your business or brand.


Appointments and Reminders

Text messages are a great way to enhance the customer experience by setting up appointments and reminders. In the fast paced world we live in today, this feature is hugely beneficial. Furthermore, it will show customers you care about their time. 

However, a business can additionally benefit from this feature. Appointments and reminders can significantly reduce your no-show rates and maximize your employees time.


Customer Service

SMS can be useful in a lot more ways than just marketing. One aspect where SMS excels in too, is customer service. SMS is a very popular channel for customers to communicate with businesses. This is due to the fact that it’s a channel where queries and complaints can be dealt with in a fast, effective and efficient way. Furthermore, customers are not restricted by location. 

Businesses with a successful omnichannel strategy have incorporated SMS, which has allowed for them to be highly accessible by customers. When a business is able to provide immediate and quality service, you are also providing the customer with better experiences which will help build those important relationships.


Upsell Opportunities

Being able to seize an upsell opportunity is of great value to any business. Texting allows for this in one of the best ways, naturally! At the right moment you can offer your customers upgrades and even additional products to their exciting purchases. All with one simple and quick text. As a result you are left with a win-win situation. Your business will be making more money and your customers will receive a more personal and tailored experience increasing customer satisfaction.



With such a high open rate, SMS is a great way to collect customer feedback. Customers will be much more likely to send a message back rating their experience via a quick text than having to wage through lengthy forms online or via email. 

Feedback is so valuable for the innovative growth and improvement of your product or service. When you know your customer satisfaction levels you are also able to receive an important insight into how they personally feel about every aspect of their interaction with your business. From product to service.


Avoid Using SMS Negatively

There is a risk when it comes to using SMS for marketing and communications. That is, if used in the wrong way it can actually negatively impact your customers’ experience with your brand or business. If you bombard your customers with spam messages or even simply messages they deem irrelevant, customers will be left frustrated and aggravated. It is key to ensure that you have a solid strategy in place that leads to valuable communication only. 

Looking for ways to improve the customer experience has become of vital importance. This is because customer experience is a great way to ensure customer loyalty and retention, which will significantly impact your business revenue positively. So add SMS to your omnichannel strategy today and start improving your customer experience!

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