Elevate your business to greater heights through the use of Live Chat and other communication channels. Incorprate them into your marketing stratergy to connect with your customers in real time and generate leads.

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Live chat on your website

Implement Live chat on your website to engage in proactive interactions. Reach out to customers to answer questions and follow up on leads. Help your customer through their entire journey and take that opportunity to start cross selling and upselling. A great way to see fewer abandoned carts and an increase in sales.

How much time can you save by optimising your product return flow?

Promotion, deals and discounts

Customer loyalty is a gold mine when it comes to sustainability and growth for any business. Use chat to offer your customers promotions and discounts to reward them for choosing you! With repeat customers spending 67% more than new customers, utilizing chat in your marketing stratergy is a great way to target these website visitors.


Data driven marketing

Next to Google Ads, social media, and display advertising Conversation24 offers geofencing solutions too. Introduce your business to chat innovations such as Retargeting by Chatmining and Chatbanners.

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